'Total Divas' to Air WWE Wedding?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJune 19, 2013

Natalya, getting hitched on TV (from WWE.com)
Natalya, getting hitched on TV (from WWE.com)

It looks like Total Divas, WWE and E!'s upcoming reality show, will be featuring its own wedding.

It emerged this week that longtime wrestling couple Natalya Neidhart, who is starring in the show, and wrestler Tyson Kidd were engaged (the Bellas broke the news on Twitter). 

This, of course, breaks kayfabe. Natalya has been romantically linked with The Great Khali for several months.

Judging by the trailer, it seems Total Divas will be a weird mixture of reality and storylines.

In an interesting twist, Dave Meltzer reveals in this week's (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Newsletter that not only is the show acknowledging the pair's engagement, but that the wedding would also be aired during the series:

E! was shooting Natalya’s bachelorette party on 6/12 in Las Vegas for “Total Divas.” They made sure the entire cast of the show was there. The plan I’m told is for the season to build up to airing her wedding to Ted “T.J.” Wilson (Tyson Kidd) on the show, because weddings are good for ratings, especially for a show that will be aimed at largely women. I was told by someone close to the situation, “it’s a fair conclusion they’re getting married on the show."  

Let's face it: On-screen wrestling weddings are usually doomed.

Remember Stephanie McMahon and Andrew “Test” Martin? Or Edge and Lita? Or Teddy Long and Kristal Marshall? Or Daniel Bryan and A.J. Lee?

And what if Jake Roberts shows up with a snake? 

Of course, Total Divas being—sort of—real means Natayla and Kidd should manage to get married without a hitch.

While having your wedding shown on E! may not be everyone's cup of tea—and it didn't exactly work out for E! golden couple Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, who famously split up 72 days after their television ceremony—it's hard to argue that this won't help boost the couple's profile and aid their careers.

Particularly, Kidd, who has been marginalized and forgotten about for much of his WWE tenure. Assuming Total Divas is a hit, this could get him some real mainstream attention and greatly help his marketability. 

Having been together for several years, it's not like they aren't genuine about their feelings or there's anything manufactured about the engagement. So why not have a big fancy ceremony with E! footing the bill? 

Although, they may want to considering getting some security people just in case an enraged Khali shows up to object to the union. This is wrestling, after all.