Joe Torre's Daughter Harnesses Superhero Power, Catches Falling Baby

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Joe Torre's Daughter Harnesses Superhero Power, Catches Falling Baby
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If you are in need of quick thinking and even quicker reflexes, it sounds like Joe Torre's daughter is a good person to have around, because she recently caught a baby falling from a window. 

Vera Chinese and Joe Kemp of The New York Daily News (h/t NBC Sports) reports Cristina Torre—daughter of current MLB executive and former Yankees manager Joe Torre—was in the right place at the right time to save a one-year-old child from serious injury. 

Cristina Torre, 44, was walking along Third Ave. near 91st St. when she spotted the baby boy hanging from outside a storefront about 10 a.m., cop sources said.

Suddenly, the child dropped — but he landed safely in Torre’s outstretched arms, the sources and witnesses said.

Someone get this woman a cape. 

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

I have always pondered how I might react in an extreme situation such as this. Thankfully, none have presented themselves. 

As for Torre, she proved to have the kind of reflexes that would make her dad, a nine-time All Star and Gold Glove winner, very proud. 

The report states the parents—Sam Miller, 23, and Tiffany Demetria, 24—were arrested and face charges such as child neglect and endangerment. The couple's other three kids were then taken in by children's services following this scary ordeal. 

As for how a baby gets onto a storefront awning, the working theory is that the child crawled out through a small opening on the side of an air-conditioning unit that had been blocked by a piece of cardboard. 

It's just fortunate there was even an awning to keep the child from falling immediately to the pavement. That small piece of overhang then bought enough time for our modern-day hero to step up for a fantastic grab. 

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