Power Ranking Best Game-Day Atmospheres in SEC Football

Randy ChambersAnalyst IJune 20, 2013

Power Ranking Best Game-Day Atmospheres in SEC Football

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    Game day in the SEC is like a third world country. The fans are rabid, the parties are unforgettable and the passion when the ball is kicked off can't be experienced in any other conference. The south is nuts about its football, and it shows on Saturday.

    Fans usually show up bright and early, throw some food on the grill and begin what is going to be an all-day process. Starting with the food, games and beverages and then ending with what hopes to be a terrific football game with the home team coming out on top.

    Nobody does it like the SEC.

    Note: The rankings are based on passion of the fanbase, things to do before the game and the overall environment of the stadium.

The Rest of the Pack

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    6. Texas A&M—What, you didn't think the loudest stadium in the country didn't know how to have a good time?

    7. Ole Miss—Rebels fans pack Vaught-Hemingway Stadium and know how to tailgate with the best of them. 

    8. Auburn—Acres of campgrounds outside Jordan-Hare Stadium allow plenty of room to tailgate and prepare for a game in "The Jungle."

    9. South Carolina—The Gamecocks are improving with recent renovations to the tailgating scene and Williams-Brice Stadium. However, there is still a ways to go before moving up this list.

    10. Mississippi State—Those cowbells can be extremely annoying. Enter at your own risk.

    11. Arkansas—Arkansas fans are wild about their football. The problem is they are competing against some of the top atmospheres in college football.

    12. Missouri—Faurot Field must earn its stripes before topping some of the best in the SEC.

    13. Kentucky—This may soon change with Mark Stoops changing the culture, but Kentucky remains a basketball school. Hard to buy into the football program just yet.

    14. Vanderbilt—Until the Commodores do something earth shattering, they remain the outcast in a football-crazy conference.

5. Florida

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    Few places are as intimidating as Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

    Also known as "The Swamp", which is much more than a catchy nickname. The emotion and passion the fans bring to the game is unmatched. They have their orange and blue apparel on deck and make sure to remind visiting fans where they are. Usually it is done by giving them a stern look and then forming their arms into the "Gator Chomp."

    Oh, you laugh now, but entering the stadium is a whole different deal. There is a massive wall that reads “This is…THE SWAMP”, and the jaws music along with the Gator video on the display screen forces grown men to call a timeout.

    Florida fans aren't showing up to party or start up conversation. They are here to help their team win a game, and it shows. The intensity and intimidation factor is unprecedented. Taking in a Florida home game should be near the top of the list for SEC fans.

4. Georgia

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    Georgia had to crack the top five. You want to have fun during a game day atmosphere? Well, Georgia provides a lot of that. According to College Atlas, Georgia has remained one of the top party schools in the country over the years.

    Beer pong, anyone?

    Besides knowing how to have a good time, Sanford Stadium gets packed on game day. Athens isn't your typical massive college town, but you wouldn't be able to tell by the sea of red and black that arrives. Cars are backed up for miles and chants of "Go Dawgs!" fade off in the distance.

    Georgia is a picturesque place that provides a ton of southern hospitality. You could just feel the friendliness in the air on game day. That is until those 90,000-plus fans pack the stadium and begin cheering for those Bulldogs.

    Don't worry, the kindness will return once the game is over.

3. Tennessee

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    Tennessee is the place for you if you're looking for a great college football atmosphere and a sight you can't find anywhere else.

    Regardless of the weather or how the team is performing, you better believe more than 100,000 people dressed in orange and white are going to show up. You couldn't tell that Tennessee hasn't reached a BCS bowl since 1999. These folks continue to party as if Phillip Fulmer was still the head coach and Peyton Manning was still quarterbacking.

    You can also arrive on a boat!

    Thousands of fans arrive by streaming up the Tennessee River. Cooking under a tent is one thing, but taking the party to the water is something that should be on your bucket list.

    Tennessee has class, tradition and uniqueness.

    Game-day atmospheres outside Neyland Stadium remain top notch.

2. Alabama

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    Although you could probably do without hearing about Alabama for the next decade, it is worth to make the trip at least once.

    Alabama is college football. The state lives it, breathes it and thinks about it 365 days a year. There aren't many fanbases as knowledgeable as Crimson Tide fans, and that is a treat in itself. You can learn to appreciate how passionate a group of people are about their team.

    If you aren't receiving a history lesson from the guy standing next to you, take a walk around Bryant-Denny Stadium. Here you will find statues of Nick Saban, Frank Thomas, Wallace Wade, Paul "Bear" Bryant and Gene Stallings. Regardless of which team you support, college football history drips in Tuscaloosa.

    Alabama fans always show up in truckloads and make sure to bring their "Roll Tide!" battle cry with them. They are also a conceited bunch who just know their team is likely better than yours.

    A game-day atmosphere is a different ballgame in Alabama. 

1. LSU

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    Tiger Stadium is considered one of the biggest home-field advantages because nearly 100,000 LSU fans know how to do it up. They are always decked out in purple and gold and make sure their voices are ready to rock and roll.

    The best thing about LSU pregame is the good food you can't get anywhere else. You can find the basic hamburgers and hotdogs anywhere, but you better believe there is gumbo, seafood and other dishes you would expect to find only in momma's kitchen. Louisiana will make sure to take care of you. Unless you are an Alabama fan, of course.

    Few fans are as passionate as the LSU community. Can you find anyone else who is willing to go as far as branding?

    Game day makes you feel like you were standing a little too close to a space shuttle launch. Fans make sure you never leave on an empty stomach. You can't go wrong when you make a trip to Baton Rouge.