Tim Duncan's "Anti-Style:" How the Big Fundamental Bucks All the Fashion Trends

Lance Fresh@@LanceFreshFeatured ColumnistJune 19, 2013

Today, NBA players have placed an importance on not only playing well on the court, but looking good off of it. Nowadays, guys have to both play the part and look the part.

There is one player who ignores all the latest trends, never taking advantage of the spotlight that comes with being an NBA player: Tim Duncan.

I caught up with San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green to talk about Tim Duncan's style and what he thinks about his lack of attention to fashion trends.

Duncan is constantly in the public eye, more so now since he is trying to lead his team to another championship. But even with all this attention, he sees no need to up his style. 

Watch now to hear Danny Green talk about his teammate and let me know what you think about Duncan's style in the comments below.

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