Daniel Bryan's Backstage Confrontation with Triple H Will Benefit His Career

Joe JohnsonSenior Writer IIJune 19, 2013

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

Triple H has changed a great deal during the last 25 years, as he's risen from unknown enhancement talent to WWE main event star and current WWE chief operating officer.

He's cleaned up his look and sought ways, from the boardroom, to lead the wrestling business into a brighter future. All of this—pardon the pun—evolution doesn't change the fact that Triple H is a hardcore wrestling fan at heart. 

Having grown up in the old school, where it was common to show intestinal fortitude both in the ring and backstage, Triple H likely sees Daniel Bryan's blow-up backstage on Raw as a positive.

Most talents would never have the guts to step toe-to-toe with not only a legend but their boss and give them a piece of their mind. Bryan did it publicly, reportedly with great passion, which is a sign that Triple H most certainly found admirable. 

On CM Punk's DVD documentary, he speaks of a time that he stood up to Vince McMahon backstage and how it earned him respect. He discusses writing out several months of storyline for his character and the Straight Edge Society, dropping it on Vince's desk and telling him this is where he is going. Punk, similar to Bryan, doesn't possess the quintessential WWE look that Vince desires from his superstars.

Nonetheless, Vince respects men with opinions and passion. 

Now, don't get carried away by thinking that calling out Triple H or Vince McMahon is the best way to advance at WWE. Both men have been known to be vindictive and territorial. They'd probably spin it by saying they are "proud." Ultimately, challenging either man could lead to a pink slip or complete burial of a wrestler's character.

But in the right circumstances, a performer with enough recognized talent and momentum can pick the perfect time to challenge authority and it will win them a greater push. 

Daniel Bryan is at a pivotal moment in his career. He's never been this popular with such a large and varied audience. He's white hot in the ring and on the mic. He's forcing WWE's hand, as they cannot discount the reaction from the crowd, even if he was not initially planned to receive a main event push. 

With speculation stirring that Bryan may be in line for a WWE title match against John Cena at an upcoming pay-per-view, the Goat-Faced Gremlin himself knows that he cannot risk losing momentum due to a questionable backstage call to stop his match against Randy Orton.A pinfall or submission victory over Orton, a legitimate main eventer and perpetual title contender, would have been one of the biggest wins of his career. Instead, he was forced to stop the match.

Reports from sources such as PWInsider  have noted that Bryan and Triple H came to a mutual understanding on the matter at the conclusion of their confrontation. Knowing the adrenaline rush a performer experiences during a hot match and the frustration Bryan must've felt, Triple H could certainly relate to his perspective. If Bryan conveyed anything in his spat, it's that he has a passion for the business, he wants to be great and he wants to excite the crowd.

All of these things mean dollar signs to Triple H and the WWE. It's the type of energy you want out of your top stars and your locker room leaders. I'm willing to bet that Daniel Bryan is probably now a "Triple H Guy," even if he wasn't before.