Unexpected Moves Minnesota Timberwolves Could Make in Free Agency

Justin HussongContributor IIIJune 20, 2013

We all know Nikola Pekovic is the guy Timberwolves fans want in free agency, but there are other areas on the roster that need upgrading.
We all know Nikola Pekovic is the guy Timberwolves fans want in free agency, but there are other areas on the roster that need upgrading.Harry How/Getty Images

We can all sit here and make free-agency predictions until we are blue in the face and still be shocked with what actually goes down.

What we do know is that the Minnesota Timberwolves will have some money to play with and many targets to aim for this offseason.

A little upgrade here and there could put this team in a position to compete into May or June instead of watching on television every year. Flip Saunders has shown up ready to go, and these young T-Wolves look ready to roar.

It is more than likely that the big names like Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Andrew Bynum head elsewhere this offseason, which is fine. There are plenty of cards on the table and Minnesota will have a ton of options. If they look hard enough, Saunders could very well land some surprising players that would pay enormous dividends. 


Marco Belinelli

Chicago went through a disastrous number of injuries this season much like Minnesota. Rip Hamilton, Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich and obviously Derrick Rose all missed significant portions of this past season for the Bulls. Belinelli stepped up and gave a depleted backcourt a spark that kept them from sinking all year. 

He has flown under the radar and with the number of options at shooting guard in free agency, it's as if he is being overlooked. Belinelli will not warrant a contract out of Minnesota's price range.

As it stands, Minnesota is right around the salary cap. If it re-signs Nikola Pekovic, and Andrei Kirilenko accepts his player option, Minnesota will be looking more toward the bargain bin if it doesn't make any big trades.

This team needs outside shooting. Belinelli would be a big upgrade in the backcourt and would bring a dimension to this squad that it's desperate for.


Corey Brewer

The former Timberwolf would actually be a perfect fit if he were to return and make a second stint in Minneapolis.

He is not the liability on offense that he once was. Now he is an astounding athlete with a nonstop motor that would look great on this current roster.

When he was drafted seventh overall, management simply expected him to turn into the type of player that he was not capable of being. He was plugged into Kurt Rambis' triangle offense and became the No. 1 scoring option on the wing.

As a slasher, recipient of alley-oops from Ricky Rubio and a defensive stalwart, he has tremendous value for this team at the right price. It would be a tough sell for Flip Saunders, but maybe all he has to do is point to Rick Adelman and Brewer could be convinced.


Greg Oden

Crazy, right? Hear me out.

According to Yahoo! Sports, fellow Ohio State Buckeye Deshaun Thomas saw him in a workout recently and was in awe.

Given Oden's injury history, that is to be taken with a grain of salt. If Oden is to come back it will be on a low-risk, high-reward contract.

This plays right into Minnesota's hand. If Pekovic returns to the team, then most of the salary cap room will have been used up. Pekovic is also known to miss his handful of games, so having a capable big to come in and eat up some minutes would be a luxury.

There was no doubting Oden's effectiveness when he did play in his 82 career games with Portland. If he can stay on the court, it would give Minnesota a huge boost to the second unit. It would very much resemble the Brandon Roy situation that did not work out swimmingly, but on paper it does look like a solid move.