Liverpool Transfer News: Reds Should End Luis Suarez Drama To Maximize Return

Justin OnslowContributor IIJune 19, 2013

RECIFE, BRAZIL - JUNE 16:  Luis Suarez of Uruguay shows his dejection at the end of the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 Group B match between Spain and Uruguay at the Arena Pernambuco on June 16, 2013 in Recife, Brazil.  (Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)
Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

The Luis Suarez drama has to end at some point. The way things are going, it looks like it may very well end with Suarez leaving Anfield and Liverpool coming away with a massive payday.

According to Phil Thomas of The Sun, Liverpool want Suarez to put in a transfer request if he hopes to leave Anfield in favor of Real Madrid, as The Sun also noted on Twitter:

Suarez’s discontent in England has been well-documented, and it comes as no surprise Liverpool are tired of hearing about it. As quoted in a report from The Sun, the striker doesn’t feel at home in England:

My main reason is my family and my image — that is my priority now. It is a difficult moment for me. My coach and my colleagues know that they didn’t treat me well here. I don’t feel comfortable here anymore — they know it, so I think it is understandable that I leave. Firstly being persecuted by the paparazzi all the time. I couldn’t go to my garden or the supermarket, I couldn’t do anything. I know it’s normal being followed by the press but it was too much.

At this point, it seems highly unlikely Suarez will settle back in with Liverpool as all the drama dissipates. The longer the situation plays out; the worse it’s going to get.

And therein lies the problem for Liverpool. If the club waits to make a move and Suarez continues voicing his desire to leave, clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona are going to be less inclined to pay Liverpool’s asking price, reportedly as much as £50 million, according to The Guardian.

Obviously the Anfield giants don’t have a lot of leverage in the situation—and demanding an official transfer request was the right decision—but Liverpool can’t afford to let the situation drag on. Now is the time to strike a deal and move on.

£50 million is a reasonable asking price for the star striker, and that kind of money would certainly go a long way toward the club’s efforts to infuse more young talent via the transfer market. But if letting Suarez go for slightly less now (as opposed to losing out on more later) is an option, Liverpool have to pull the trigger.

If the situation drags on, Liverpool are going to reach the point of just wanting Suarez out the door and may be forced to accept far less than their original asking price. As is often the case in these situations, the seller typically comes away with far less than anticipated the longer they wait.

Some may hope Suarez has a change of heart and chooses to remain at Anfield, but those days are in the past. Now is the time for Liverpool to cut ties and walk away with a handsome payday while they still have time to put it to good use.