New York Mets: There's No "I" in Team , Ollie...

ed feverCorrespondent IMay 4, 2009

In regard to Oliver Perez, the Mets had three options: get him to accept assignment to the minors, place him on the disabled list, or use him out of the pen.

Once again this group of individuals showed why the Phillies continue to be a better team.

As if Jose Reyes trying to bunt for a hit that resulted in a strike out, in a tied game, with two on and no outs, instead of a sacrifice bunt that would have moved the runners over wasn't enough, now we have Perez.

Two years ago, Brett Myers couldn't figure things out when he returned to the rotation after being the closer the year before, Myers selflessly accepted an assignment to the minors and came back a different pitcher. Ollie is in the same position, but instead of thinking of the team first, it appears he's staying with the team and thinking of only himself.

I'm sure we'll hear this was the club's decision and they felt they needed Ollie to be close to Dan Warthen and build his confidence against major league hitters as a reliever. There might even be purposely leaked whispers that they were worried about his confidence, so they decided against demoting him.

This is all about Ollie being a Scott Boras client—otherwise, as he said Saturday, he would have been in Buffalo. Common sense dictates he should be in the minors figuring out his mechanics and building his confidence against weaker hitters.

Boras is already building his spin for Ollie's next contract. He wasn't going anywhere and if things got ugly they would have used the knee as an excuse, but only as a last resort.

Using a pitcher that is wild, mechanically struggling, and having confidence issues out of the pen makes absolutely no sense at all, unless you're forced to. The pen will basically be short a reliever with lefty dominant Philly coming to town. Unless they think Warthen can fix him quickly, the more time that passes in the pen, the harder it will be to stretch his arm back out, when he returns to the rotation.

This is just another example, in a long line of examples, from this group of players who put themselves before the team itself. This is the reason Manuel spent the entire spring preaching team first. With some players, it obviously didn't sink in. Even if the organization decided to use Ollie in the pen, which I don't believe for a second, this is pure spin, Ollie, as Myers did, should have emphatically volunteered to take a minor league assignment for the better good of the team.

A team official said Sunday night that the organization was leaning toward sending Perez (1-2, 9.97 ERA) to the minors to rediscover himself, although that would have required the southpaw’s consent, since he has five years of major-league service time. GM Omar Minaya insisted Perez and agent Scott Boras had not been formally asked whether Perez would accept.

Getting regimented starts under the tutelage of Mets coaches in the minors, whether at Triple-A Buffalo or extended spring training, would appear a better way to get Perez ready to reenter the rotation than unpredictable work in the major-league bullpen. But Jerry Manuel said he successfully reassigned Jon Garland and James Baldwin to the bullpen while with the White Sox, which allowed them to rediscover their success and return to the rotation. source Daily News