John Riek to Mississippi State: Update

Kurt WirthCorrespondent IMay 4, 2009

It seems increasingly likely that John Riek will sign with Mississippi State, and will do so soon.

Cincinnati people are claiming that Riek signed a Letter of Intent, but Cincinnati did not file it with the NCAA due to eligibility concerns. When word was received that Riek was looking at an uphill battle to get eligible on top of his health concerns, the program decided to release Riek and his situation to another program.

This could mean any number of things. Riek could have simply expressed that he did not want to play for Cincinnati, and UC let him go to avoid drama and bad PR, and created a story to cover themslves.

Perhaps UC refused to admit Riek, and thus the program was forced to let him go.

Perhaps the article is telling the truth.

What we do know, is that if and when Riek is healthy and eligible to play at Mississippi State, he will be joining a very, very potent squad.

Word has it that Riek has filed paperwork with MSU, and that the school will officially announce his signing sometime this week when all of the paperwork is cleared up.