NFL Changes In-Stadium Bag Policy for 2013 Season, And Not For the Better

Josh ZerkleChief Writer IIIJune 18, 2013

The NFL has had it up to here with your bags. 

Late last week, the National Football League announced a stark change to its policy regarding what bags fans can bring into their stadiums on game days. As reported by, almost anything short of a 12-inch-by-six-inch-by-12-inch transparent bag will be confiscated by stadium security at the gates.  

That means that most women's purses and all backpacks, fanny packs and seat cushions won't be making it into NFL stadiums this fall. The NFL claims this is being done in the name of creating "a safe and secure environment," but the unintended consequences of such a measure will certainly be dire. 

With fewer fans willing to attend NFL games in person today, won't this measure turn off prospective guests from visiting stadiums, especially women? And exactly how dangerous have purses and seat cushions been for other Sunday patrons?

My guess is "Not very..."

Do you agree with the NFL's new bag policy? Sure, this might take care of a certain sect of potential troublemakers, but does the measure commit more harm than good? And will the end of fans bringing in their own seat cushions really make anyone at the game feel safer?

Join me for our latest installment of "Let Me Get This Straight," where I break down the consequences and repercussions of the NFL's War On Fanny Packs. Check out my takes in the video above and leave your own thoughts in the comments below. As always, thanks for watching.