Dmitri Young: Washington Nationals GM Jim Bowden’s $10M Boob Job

Landis MarksSenior Analyst IApril 8, 2008

Last summer Nats’ GM Jim Bowden, the omnipresent egomaniac, decided to give Dmitri “Hot Plate” Young a $10 million contract. Young was in the middle of earning the NL’s Comeback Player Of the Year, that much is true, but why give a huge contract to someone who could have been signed for less at the end of the season. It is not like anyone would pay much for a player with limited skills who has had problems dealing with success in the past. The team if they really wanted him could have bid for his services as a free agent.

The Young contract I suspect was Bowden’s way of giving himself a slap on the back for giving Dmitri a chance when MLB was turning their back on the underachieving, overeating trouble maker.

D-Young pays them back by sitting on his fat ass all winter and not picking up a bat or doing a single sit up.

Now Nick Johnson is back and Young is testing the dughouse infrastructure in the Nats’ new house.

Just as no one could have predicted a year ago that Young would resurrect his career with the Nationals and become a valued clubhouse leader, it would have been hard to predict his status with the franchise right now: a highly paid backup to Nick Johnson who isn’t even available to play at the moment.

But maybe the Nationals should have.