Formula 1 On The Edge Of Collapse

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Formula 1 On The Edge Of Collapse
(Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

The 2009 Formula 1 season has only just begun and already the FIA is pushing new rules and regulations. Max Mosley talked about making the sport better, but it looks to be all forgotten. Bernie Ecclestone turns to who ever can bring him a better cash flow.

So it is hard times for a sport that was supposed to be the highest class in open wheeled auto racing. The technology is going backwards, rules will split teams up into two sides.

Everything is upside down, and every one is confused. 

I think this is what's it all about, Max Mosley is trying his best to split FOTA (Formula One Team Association). He wants the power, he wants all the big teams out. Lately he has said that "F1 can leave with out Ferrari," but every one knows that the loss of revenue brought in by the millions of Ferrari fans all around the world would bring the whole season on the edge.

So how do we hardcore fans tackle this. Who do we go to? 

Max has his own agenda: to cripple FOTA and take control.

Bernie's in it to make more money. Basically, he does not care about the sport. If he could make more money on the horse track, then he would be there.

I don't mean to be all disappointed cause I know that if we all pull a few strings we actually have a lot more power then Bernie and Max together.

I hope every one of us will let our voices be heard, get people involved. Because together, we matter.

It will be a very interesting future.

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