How Much Does Mark Henry Really Have Left to Offer?

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistJune 21, 2013

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And the Academy Award goes to...WWE Superstar Mark Henry.

It appeared, at least momentarily on Raw, that Henry was announcing his retirement and readying to take his ball and go home.

But in the blink of an eye, that all changed, and the segment ended with WWE champion John Cena laid out in the middle of the ring.

Like all of us, Cena fell for Henry's ruse, getting suckered into his emotions and his impassioned speech looking back on his career.

Henry seemed genuine, citing members of his family, making jokes about his heinous pink jacket and acknowledging his part in the ridiculous storyline concerning Mae Young giving birth to a hand.

And it all seemed to check out. Henry was crying and seemed completely genuine. Fans were left thinking that he really did intend on retiring.

But as Cena stepped into the ring to congratulate Henry on a career well spent, the latter quickly made his true intentions known, hitting the champion with The World's Strongest Slam and declaring that he was setting his sights on Cena's WWE title at the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per view.

Good for Henry, he fooled us all. But is Henry still capable of being a main event draw for WWE?

At 42, Henry may be nearing the end of his shelf life. He has been consistently injured in the past few months, and given his age and deteriorating physical condition, it may have actually been a good time for him to hang up his boots (which incidentally, he actually brought out during his retirement speech).

And it is not as if Henry has nothing to be proud of with regards to his career. However, he has yet to ever hold the WWE Championship.

With reigns as ECW champion and World Heavyweight champion, Henry could soon win the Triple of Championships held under the WWE brand (ECW champion, WWE Champion and World heavyweight champion), joining a short list of superstars that includes only the Big Show, CM Punk and Kane.

Henry has size on his side. At more than 400 pounds, Henry can boast being one of the largest superstars on the WWE roster. His claim of being World's Strongest Man is not too far off base, as the former Olympian might actually be the most powerful individual in the company, possibly rivaled only by Big E Langston, a former powerlifter himself.

But quickness has never been Henry's strong suit, and his conditioning, while decent for a man of his size, cannot match that of Cena's. So as long as the champion can stay one step ahead of Henry, he should be able to vanquish his much bigger and stronger foe.

Of course it stands to reason that the moment that Henry can get his hands on Cena, he immediately will gain the advantage due to his superior physical makeup.

But will the World's Strongest Man be successful in his attempted conquest of Cena? Or will he just end up being another challenger that falls at the feet of WWE's resident savior?