The Best 2009 AFC Predictions You'll See

Kyle JohnsonCorrespondent IMay 4, 2009

SAN DIEGO - JANUARY 03:  Quarterback Peyton Manning #18 of the Indianapolis Colts calls signals to his team during the AFC Wild Card Game against the San Diego Chargers on January 3, 2009 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

AFC East

  • Patriots: 12-4

Tom Brady is still recovering from surgery. The Patriots should have kept Cassel for another year so he could go in until Brady is fully healthy.

  • Jets: 11-5

The Jets finally have a franchise QB. Rex Ryan got them one, plus a good defense. All the Jets need now is to trade Thomas Jones for Braylon Edwards and a fifth-round draft pick. Mark Sanchez will be an outstanding player for his whole career. 

  • Bills: 9-7

They got T.O. an OK quarterback. They are going to be a decent team soon. Owens and Trent Edwards are the only reason they get to 9-7.

  • Miami: 8-8

Last season was all luck! They had the easiest schedule ever, but this season, they have a tough docket. Everyone will be ready for the wildcat, so Miami, think of something else. That offense is getting old anyway.


AFC West

  • Chargers: 13-3

They are the best team in the division, and no other member poses a threat.

  • Broncos: 7-9

They have the worst defense I could imagine, and they didn't get a real defender until the second half of the draft. Knowshon Moreno will have a great season, though.

  • Chiefs: 7-9

They are rebuilding, so it's hard to grade them without seeing them. They got Cassel, who is a good signal-caller, but they need weapons now that Tony Gonzalez left. 

  • Raiders: 5-11

For years, they've been using the draft to rebuild, but they had the most questionable draft of all the league this year. Why did they get Heyward-Bey instead of Crabtree? I like DHB, but he should have been taken in the late first round.


AFC North

  • Steelers: 13-3

They won the Super Bowl for crying out loud. They are going to be good no matter what, and are set for the future to boot.

  • Ravens: 8-8

They are in need of a good receiver. Lots of their defense went to the Jets with Rex Ryan.

  • Bengals: 9-7

Carson Palmer is back, and they had an amazing draft. Rey Maualuga reminds me a lot of the Steelers' Troy Polamalu. Cincy is going to have a good season and barely miss the Playoffs.

  • Browns: 6-9-1

Edwards is going to be gone, same with Brady Quinn. They are losing their best players. What the heck is Mangini doing?


AFC South

  • Colts: 14-2

They are an amazing team and have a lot of amazing players. They will always be good as long as they have Peyton Manning.

  • Texans: 11-5

They got rid of Sage Rosenfels and still have Andre Johnson. All they need is a good defense, and partially accomplished that goal through the draft.

  • Titans: 10-6

They have all the pieces they need. The only thing that keeps them from the postseason is the loss of Haynesworth.

  • Jaguars: 10-6

The Jaguars are such a good team. The only reason they didn't do well last year was because of their O-line, which improved in the draft.


Final Seedings

(1) Indianapolis Colts

(2) San Diego Chargers

(3) Pittsburgh Steelers

(4) New England Patriots

(5) New York Jets

(6) Houston Texans

Playoffs Predictions

In the wild card round, the Jets upset the Steelers and the Patriots beat the Texans.

Then, in the divisional, the Jets beat the Colts and the Chargers beat the Patriots.

For the AFC Championship, the Chargers beat the Jets.


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