What Nerlens Noel Should Shave Into His Fade on Draft Night

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistJune 18, 2013

Original Photo via cfbsection.com
Original Photo via cfbsection.com

With Nerlens Noel being the guy everybody has their eye on as the 2013 NBA draft approaches, it's time to start thinking about that glorious head of hair and what he's going to do with it come draft night.

Aside from his incredible athleticism, his game-changing defense and that ACL in his left knee popped like a banjo string breaking in the middle of a hoedown, it's that high-top fade that exemplifies who he really is.

On the court, Nerlens is going to block shots, likely struggle a bit on offense, but generally change things for the better once he ends up working his way back from rehab.

Off the court, he's little more than a kid who watched The Fresh Prince of Bel Air as a young'un, and really like Will Smith.

Now it's time for Nerlens to get jiggy wit it in the NBA following a stellar season at Kentucky, with just a draft standing between him and a big, fat paycheck and the rest of his life.

However, before that all goes down, he's going to be expected to show up at the draft with something done to his hair.

Like a girl on prom night, people are going to be looking at, and talking about Noel's hair, and whatever he does to it will be big news.

It's something fun to talk about, and a neat quirk of a guy who seems poised to be around the league for a long time, so it's the start of his legacy.

When he announced that he would be going to Kentucky for his year of college, Noel had a big "UK" shaved into the back of his head.

That's definitely a route he could take again, but it seems a bit troublesome.

In order to get that done (something like the Cleveland Cavaliers logo above), he would have to know beforehand who was going to draft him.

That creates a big spoiler for us all, and what fun is that?

Otherwise, he would have to bring a barber with him and get something like a New Orleans Pelicans fleur-de-lis shaved into the back of his head on the spot.

That could end up looking sloppy and like he's trying to make the moment all about himself, rather than himself and the team that drafted him.

There are plenty of other routes that he could drive down with his hair, many of which could make David Stern very nervous.

If he were a more pompous young man, or perhaps coming into the league in the early 2000s, a crisp dollar sign could be a viable option, although the fans of his new team probably wouldn't appreciate it.

Beyond that, he could go new-school and carve his Twitter handle, @NerlensNoel3, into the back of his head.

It would be an interesting direction, but once again it's a bit self-centered, which is probably not an image he wants to put out there from day one.

As a bit of a laugh, Nerlens could get Stern extremely nervous by advertising on the back of his head.

If nobody bites, just go ahead and make it like a bus bench with a vacant advertisement, telling people that he's willing to sell the space.

However, it seems to me that if he wanted to go down a route that both introduces himself into the NBA, and embraces the league, something else is on the table.

Instead, I would say go with something like this:

Take the NBA logo, the quick-stepping Jerry West and shave that bad boy into the back of his head beforehand.

Pay homage to the league, the rich history and West, while whichever team ends up drafting him accepts a big game-changer into the NBA.

Whatever he does, I'm just hoping that his barber ends up better than the one I've been to the poor guy.