Miami Dolphins: Where They Stand with Oddsmakers in 2013

Richard SantamariaCorrespondent IIJune 21, 2013

Miami Dolphins: Where They Stand with Oddsmakers in 2013

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    The Miami Dolphins' odds of a Super Bowl win have improved drastically from last year.  This is common knowledge but it is also reflecting in the work of oddsmakers.

    The Dolphins have also improved since March of this year, by bringing in an immense amount of free-agent talent.  Oddsmakers have moved their lines, but not proportionally, because there are still plenty of question marks in Miami.

    The Dolphins have a poor track record in the last decade, Tannehill's growth is not guaranteed, and there is no telling how the new players will gel into Joe Philbin's team and system.

    That being said, Miami's slow moving odds may make for a good bet.

    Let's look at some "NFL Futures" lines for the Miami Dolphins.

Miami Dolphins Winning the Super Bowl: 50 to 1

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    According to, the Miami Dolphins are the 18th-best team in the NFL.

    1. San Francisco 49ers +600

    2. New England Patriots +700

    2. Denver Broncos +700

    4. Seattle Seahawks +800

    5. Green Bay Packers +1500

    6. Atlanta Falcons +1800

    6. Houston Texans +1800

    8. New Orleans Saints +2000

    8. Baltimore Ravens +2000

    8. New York Giants +2000

    11. Chicago Bears +3000

    12. Dallas Cowboys +3500

    12. Pittsburgh Steelers +3500

    14. Philadelphia Eagles +4000

    14. Washington Redskins +4000

    16. Cincinnati Bengals +4500

    16. Indianapolis Colts +4500

    18. Miami Dolphins +5000 (50 to 1)

    18. Carolina Panthers +5000

    18. Detroit Lions +5000

    18. Kansas City Chiefs +5000

    22. Minnesota Vikings +5500

    23. San Diego Chargers +6000

    24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6000

    25. St. Louis Rams +7000

    26. Cleveland Browns +7500

    27. Buffalo Bills +10000

    28. New York Jets +10000

    29. Tennessee Titans +12500

    29. Oakland Raiders +15000

    31. Arizona Cardinals +20000

    32. Jacksonville Jaguars +25000

    Bovada ranks the Dolphins 17th with 40 to 1 odds.

    Last year, at this time, the Miami Dolphins were projected to be among the worst teams in the NFL. Even with their improved ranking, I believe the Dolphins are a good bet at this point.

    The Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys are both bad bets at 35 to 1. The Steelers lost Mike Wallace, James Harrison and Keenan Lewis, while only adding potential impact players through the draft. The Cowboys have one of the worst salary cap situations in the league, and added no impact players other than draft picks this offseason.  

    Both Pittsburgh and Dallas finished 8-8 and appear to have regressed. They are only receiving better odds than Miami based on reputation.

Miami Dolphins Winning the AFC: 18 to 1

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    According to, the Miami Dolphins are the 6th-best team in the AFC.

    1. New England Patriots +250

    2. Denver Broncos +300

    3. Houston Texans +650

    4. Baltimore Ravens +1400

    5. Pittsburgh Steelers +1500

    6. Miami Dolphins +1800 (18 to 1)

    6. Cincinnati Bengals +1800

    8. Indianapolis Colts +2000

    8. New York Jets +2000

    8. San Diego Chargers +2000

    11. Kansas City Chiefs +2500

    12. Cleveland Browns +3000

    13. Buffalo Bills +5000

    13. Tennessee Titans +5000

    15. Oakland Raiders +7500

    16. Jacksonville Jaguars +12500

    Bovada ranks the Dolphins eighth in the AFC with 18 to 1 odds of being conference champions.

    The Dolphins are definitely playoff contenders according to the oddsmakers and, again, Miami still has not received full credit for its offseason acquisitions.

    I believe the Indianapolis Colts are a good bet as quarterbacks can make a team (see Tom Brady), and Andrew Luck will be one of the league's best.

    The New York Jets are easily the worst bet at +2000. New York has a terrible cap situation and lost talent such as Darrelle Revis and Dustin Keller. Making matters worse, Mark Sanchez and his career 71.7 quarterback rating may be at the helm for the Jets in 2013.

Miami Dolphins Winning the Division: 5 to 1

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    Bovada has the New England Patriots as overwhelming favorites to win the AFC East, 1-to-5, meaning a $500 bet will only net you $100, if the Pats take the division.

    1. New England Patriots -500

    2. Miami Dolphins +500 (5 to 1)

    3. New York Jets +1000

    4. Buffalo Bills +1800 has the Dolphins at +700.  

    While the Patriots have Tom Brady, they lost Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski has been riddled with injuries and Aaron Hernandez may have been involved in a homicide.

    New England is a bad bet here, while Miami is a decent bet. The Jets and Bills have no shot at a division title.

Miami Dolphins Win Total: 8

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    Both Bovada and expect the Dolphins to win eight games.

    Let's look at Miami's 2013 schedule.

    Week 1 @Cleveland WIN

    Week 2 @Indianapolis CLOSE

    Week 3 vs Atlanta LOSS

    Week 4 @ New Orleans LOSS

    Week 5 vs Baltimore CLOSE

    Week 6 BYE

    Week 7 vs Buffalo WIN

    Week 8 @New England LOSS

    Week 9 vs Cincinnati CLOSE

    Week 10 @ Tampa Bay WIN

    Week 11 vs San Diego WIN

    Week 12 vs Carolina WIN

    Week 13 @ New York WIN

    Week 14 @ Pittsburgh CLOSE

    Week 15 vs New England CLOSE

    Week 16 @ Buffalo WIN

    Week 17 vs New York WIN

    I see eight wins and five close games—I'm definitely taking the over.