Yes … Heartbreak Hotel

Matt NorlanderAnalyst IApril 8, 2008


Well, I’m still not over it. I’m ready to say that Chalmers’ shot is the biggest play in college basketball this side of the century. It’s just unfortunate that it came from a coaching gaffe.

(Preface:. Notice how I don’t even mention the fact that there was overtime. There was five extra minutes for another chance with plenty of time to make up what went wrong. But in sports it’s all about one or two defining moments in big games. That’s what we remember. Like it or not: That’s how it is.)

I feel as if I’ve been beaten to a metaphorical pulp.I might not get over this for a week. Maybe two. Seriously: How do you lose that game? I’m not even a Memphis fan and I really have the urge to end a lamp’s life right now. (more…)