F1 Without Ferrari: Max Mosley Likes the Idea

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F1 Without Ferrari: Max Mosley Likes the Idea
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Last week, we learned the new budget cap for the Formula 1. It looks reasonable for new comers or small teams but it makes a two tie system that makes formula 1 into formula 1.5.

Ferrari president, Luca di Montezemolo wrote a letter and warns about two ties system to FIA and said if it is impossible to stay in economically way we will leave.

But, Max thinks F1 can survive without Ferrari. This is a politic sentence to make FIA has the power so we can make what we want. Today Bernie said I cannot risk Ferrari for Max.

I think in this conflict, the major problem is the FIA must listen to teams when they create new regulations or other rules. Ferrari, Mclaren and Williams wrote the history books of Formula 1.

FIA should save teams in F1. Last Year, FIA and Bernie didn't like the idea of Honda's departure.

So Max and Bernie nearly cried after Honda's leave I can't imagine if Ferrari or Mclaren leave F1. It should be crazy think to imagine in sport.

I also want to criticise formula 1 media, After the events above my article, Ferrari said that they are committed to Formula 1 on their website. But in any F1's mainstream sites, They wrote nothing about this commitment.

In conclusion, FIA must learn how to listen teams and fans when they create new rules. I hope they do in near future otherwise, systems like winner takes it all will be on headlines again for teams and fans. 

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