Watch Every Painful Moment of Alex Morgan Meeting the Gronkowski Brothers

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 17, 2013

Alex Morgan and the Gronkowski brothers were in serious need of some interesting things to say to one another during a recent awkward conversation. 

Mike Cardillo of The Big Lead spotted a chance encounter between Rob Gronkowski, the New England Patriots' star tight end, and Morgan, the U.S. women's national team forward. Rob's brothers Dan and Chris make an appearance as well.

It's tough to get a read on what is exactly going on in the video, because I cannot stop cringing. 

What I gather is Morgan is at Gillette Stadium to shoot a commercial for the upcoming Fox Sports 1 network when Gronk comes over to talk to her.

We have all been there. You run into someone you barely know but clearly recognize at the store. From there you are forced by social norms to engage in five minutes of meaningless banter while you both consider the quickest way to flee the scene.

Yup, that happens to athletes, too.

The entire exchange really could have been helped by some classic icebreakers: What's your favorite movie? If you had any superpower, what would it be?

Instead, we get a glimpse of Gronk making idle chatter until the cameraman decides to stop recording or dies from boredom.

It's times like these that we wish Gronk actually carried around a keg, because the scene would have been far better with an impromptu keg stand from the biggest party boy in the league.

Being an introvert, there is nothing I hate more than meaningless banter at a party. I would much rather eat my hot dog and drink my beer without having to ask the all-important, "So, how's work?"

I'm just glad to see celebrities suffer the same awkward exchanges.


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