Debate: Will Manziel Be a Distraction for the Aggies in 2013?

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Debate: Will Manziel Be a Distraction for the Aggies in 2013?

With Johnny Football creating national attention throughout the offseason, will Manziel be a distraction for the Aggies in 2013?


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In a word: no. Johnny appears to be a kid that steps on the field, be it practice or game, and focuses on the work to be done. To be honest, outside...
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I think you all might be drinking the kool-aid. He already is a distraction. After 42 years of frustrated support of Aggie football, I was thrilled so...
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I would say the medias focus on Johnny is what will be distracting. Johnny certainly must know that the better the team does the better his draft stoc...
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^ This post. Anyone who doesn't believe him just look at last season. Sumlin didn't care that C-Mike was a top star RB. C-Mike had attitude problems...
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He is a distraction. The A&M "team" that beat my "dear" Bama, was prepared and played as one unit. Right now, Manziel is one unit and it's not a g...
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