12 Athletes' Faces (Right Before They're Destroyed)

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJune 18, 2013

12 Athletes' Faces (Right Before They're Destroyed)

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    If you play sports, sooner or later, you're going to get rocked.

    The moment you step onto the field of play, you have signed a contract stating you are fully ready to be hit in the face, dunked upon viciously or otherwise abused by your fellow man.

    Hopefully for you, the moment when you realized you were about to be posterized in the face or smoked with the ball wasn't slowed down, magnified and then put on YouTube.

    These athletes weren't so lucky. The following slideshow is an ode to the athletes' faces prior to being dominated by the competition or smoked with a projectile. 

Byron Hout Is Stooging

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    Nanoseconds before he was decked in the face by Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount, Byron Hout was complaining as his coach was trying to rein him in. 

    The look on the Boise State lineman’s face is reminiscent of Larry or Curly from the Three Stooges going “Why I oughta!!” 

    What he ought to have done was get those hands up, because a second later his trash-talking earned him a trip to the turf.

Little League Pitcher Gets Juiced

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    The 2011 Little League World Series experienced a scary moment when a pitcher was struck in the dome with a line drive.  

    The kid was okay, fortunately, so you don’t have to feel entirely like a monster for chuckling as the amazing Mr. Bill face he made as the ball rocketed back at him on the mound.

    Thank God for modern day flat brims and their front-end crumple zones.

Andray Blatche Gets a Face Full

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    Sometimes you set yourself up for a slam to the face. 

    Other times, you’re Andray Blatche, and you did nothing wrong but stand there and play solid defense. Generally speaking, you try to throw off the body—but sometimes you just nail your man in the face. 

Tiago's Folly

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    A look of hope and determination burned in Tiago Splitter's eyes as he took off to flush this ball home.

    It was like watching a man who'd stumbled through the darkness for ages, but had persevered long enough to see the light of dawn finally creep over the horizon—only to have that light thrown into the abyss by a 6'8" nightmare of rejection.

    Tiago's Folly is already a terrible moment for the young Spurs forward, and it will remain as one of the signature plays in a series that will go down as one of the most memorable in recent NBA Finals history.

Adam Cella Braces for Destruction

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    The Ultimate Fighter has been around since 2005, but after eight years of gritty cage fighting between contestants, even the show’s seasoned veteran trainers weren’t ready for the one-strike demolishing Uriah Hall unleashed on Adam Cella.

    Cella was overmatched from the beginning of the fight against the larger Hall, but fought valiantly until a spinning hook kick leveled him to the ground about two minutes into the contest. 

    After the initial uproar, the gym went silent. All that could be heard was Cella’s ragged wheezing as he lay on the mat. Fortunately for everyone, the man wasn’t seriously injured and would walk away from the wicked kick.

Carmelo Struggle Face

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    Carmelo Anthony has been to the top of the mountain, and he does not want to go back there.

    An open drive to the basket during the Eastern Conference semifinals turned into a public shaming for Anthony when he went up against the tower of power that is Roy Hibbert and lost.

    Anthony looked like he swallowed a lip full of chew as he braced for the challenge, and Hibbert rejected the dunk with authority. 

Terry Etim Gazes Upon His Demise

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    The blur of flesh you see here is a spinning wheel kick from Edson Barboza, whose heel is about to smash into Terry Etim’s face like a whirling axe handle.  

    Etim had no choice but to stare in dumb disbelief as Barboza’s unexpected kick exiled him into the depths of unconsciousness. It was counted as the first wheel kick knockout in UFC history. 

Handball Player Saves Ball, Not Face

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    In the lower left corner of this image is Brazilian handball player named Fabiana Diniz. 

    She doesn't know it at this point, but she's about to be stamped in the face by a leaping power-throw courtesy of this woman on Angola's handball team.

    As a rule, shot-blocking requires a willingness to put yourself in harm's way, but rarely does it turn out as poorly as this.

Jay Beagle Eats Fist

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    This is the face of a man who just realized he made a big mistake.

    After knocking off Kris Letang's helmet, Washington Capitals winger Jay Beagle had to reckon Asham. The boxing match started with Beagle in the lead, but as soon as Asham found a sliver of daylight, he rocked Beagle with back-to-back jaw-crunchers that left the man bleeding and on the ground.

    Beagle would get get up and pull a tooth out of his mouth as he exited the ice.

Yasiel Puig Gets Plugged

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    In a very short amount of time, Yasiel Puig has turned from human interest story to front page news.

    The Cuban defector-turned-MLB-star has been lighting it up at the plate and making cannon throws from the outfield, but one of his most memorable moments so far is taking an Ian Kennedy fastball to the face and brushing it off like a stubbed toe.

    The incident eventually led to a brawl between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks, which overshadows the fact that this young man's face is spun out of titanium alloy.

Gary Hooper Anchors the Wall

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    Celtic forward Gary Hooper valiantly elevated to deny entry of a set piece against St. Mirren, and he paid the price for it.

    The ball caromed off his head at a healthy pace, leaving the man with just enough sense left in him to track the ball for a couple moments before collapsing on the ground. 

Miller in Repose

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    If Mike Miller appeared to be in the opposite of a peaceful state of mind during Game 1 of the NBA Finals, it's probably because his face was mushed by Danny Green.

    Miller hit the floor looking to recover a live ball, and instead ate the bottom of Green's silver sneaker. This is more of a "moment of contact" shot, but it's too good to pass up.