Parents & Family Members Protect Yourself Against Coach Rich Rodriguez!

michelle wvsportslinkContributor IApril 8, 2008

Look, I have nothing against anyone in the State of Michigan as a matter of fact I have been there. It is a fun place to go and generally I have met nice people there. 

This is why I write this warning to you all. Watch your children, Rich Rodriguez will suck them in, slick talk you all, and stab you in a back like he did the people here in the great State of West Virginia. Do you all understand that he is a liar and a traitor?

Protect your family, do not let him use you he is no good.

For a man to do the things which he did (sneaking around behaving like a thief up to no good) does that not teach you that you are dealing with a con man?

He is a slick talking man who already pulled the wool over the eyes of the Michigan administrators who hired him and the entire West Virginia fan base. I am warning you to watch your back because he can not be trusted.

Yes, he is in a state that has many resources and he is like a child in a candy land. He is probably loving it in Michigan and his mind is most likely moving a million miles a minute to see just how much he can push his weight around your University. Rodriguez is likely doing all he can to get control of venues in which he has no business dealing with just to get his hands in the money pot deeper.

He tried that here in WVU but that did not work. Talk to each other and share what you see. That way you can catch him before any damage is done worse than it is now that he is there.

Good luck!