Bob Costas Says Mets' Celebration Indicates 'Decline of Western Civilization'

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJune 17, 2013

Soaring national debt, a generation communicating in 140 characters or less and home run celebrations by the New York Mets

What do all these have in common? Well, one of them is tearing at the social fabric of America, according to Bob Costas.

Michael Shamburger of The Big Lead noticed that in the midst of his coverage of the 2013 U.S. Open, NBC sportscaster Bob Costas took a moment to fill viewers in on Sunday’s matchup between the Chicago Cubs and the New York Mets and how its outcome is yet another example of the depravity that will lead to our nation’s slow cultural recession into a feudal dark age.

The game was a collection of follies and ugly play, with the two sub-.500 clubs fighting fang and claw for the honor of being King of the Hill atop the MLB dung mound.  

The analysis begins with the “highly entertaining” triple error by the Mets in the first. It was an awful display of baseball on any level, and Costas strikes the nail squarely by comparing it to a triple bogey. 

Everyone is having fun and laughing at the expense of the Mets at this point, but when the highlights turn to the end of the game, Costas goes full-Costas and breaks out the ruler of social justice. 

The game was won by Kirk Nieuwenhuis, a Triple-A ballplayer who, as Costas notes, was just called up by the Mets. Down 3-1 in the bottom of the ninth, Nieuwenhuis jacks a three-run, walk-off homer over the right field wall to seal it for New York. 

In their elation, the Mets rush the field and party at the plate like it’s 1999. Big mistake, according to Costas, who acerbically describes the scene as “another indication of the ongoing decline of Western Civilization.” 

I'm thinking Mets fans will let Bob Costas know about that little comment.

— Chipper Jones (@RealCJ10) June 16, 2013

Bob Costas, a man paid millions of dollars to talk about sports, says the Mets are responsible for the decline of Western civilzation

— Bobby Big Wheel (@BobbyBigWheel) June 16, 2013

Bob Costas is right; the Mets shouldn't celebrate a walkoff win because it goes against their public image of death and despair.

— Lana Berry (@Lana) June 16, 2013

Whoa—pump the breaks, Bob. I know you’re at a country club in Philadelphia right now, but some of us lowly simians are forced to find happiness in the few small victories we come across in our otherwise toilsome lives in the dirt.

That’s a great joke to make when you’re feeding your French bulldog steak tartare in the governor’s box but maybe not when you’re talking to a national audience.

America might need to create education better, but the Mets aren’t to blame for any cultural slide we’re making toward feudalism—Bieber is.