Watch Tim Duncan's Kid Nearly Collide with Danny Green at Halftime of Game 5

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistJune 17, 2013

If you didn't switch directly over to watch the Miss USA pageant as Game 5 of the NBA Finals went into halftime, chances are you saw a suspicious little kid run out in front of Danny Green as he sprinted into the tunnel.

Who was that kid? Why was he in the tunnel? Why was he masked? And what was he trying to accomplish by running out in front of Green? If you ask me, there's a conspiracy abound.



Green hung around at halftime to take part in an interview before heading back to the locker room, so there was definitely time to single him out and target him with some kind of vicious attack.

After a 13-point first half that included three three-pointers, the third of which tied him with Ray Allen for the most in an NBA Finals at 22.

At that point it was inevitable that he would pass Allen, unless something terrible were to happen like, oh I don't know, he tripped over a little kid and tragically tore an ACL.

Isn't it a little bit suspicious that the kid ran out just as Green was coming down the tunnel? And isn't it a tad convenient that he was not only masked, but the perfect height to take Green out at the waist to potentially deal a season-ending blow to the hot-shooting guard?

Something's just a bit too fishy for me here.

I want this kid tracked down, and I want to know just how much Allen paid him for his attempted hit on Green.

After a bit of sleuthing, some folks found out that it was Tim Duncan's son running out in front of Green.

As several folks have pointed out, that masked man is Tim Duncan's son - thanks y'all

— CJ Fogler (@cjzero) June 17, 2013

Something's rotten in the state of Texas.

Obviously Allen got to Duncan's son and convinced him to turn on his dad's team, and on Father's Day, nonetheless!

That's low, Allen, really low.