WWE Payback 2013 Results: Wrestlers Who Should Have Won

Maxwell OgdenCorrespondent IIIJune 17, 2013

via WWE.com
via WWE.com

Another WWE pay-per-view is in the books, as Payback has come and passed with countless superstars taking home powerful victories. With that being said, not every result was as convincing or rewarding as fans may have liked.

The question is, which wrestlers should have won?

Certain wrestlers ended up on the losing side, thus seeing their title dreams dashed in a premature manner. Other superstars entered the event with a title but ended up losing their championship belt in a less-than-ideal way.

One way or another, certain wrestlers lost when they shouldn't have.


Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler is one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE, garnering respect from Internet marks and those live in attendance. He's also a two-time World Heavyweight Champion, which suggests that WWE has respected his ability.

Unfortunately, Ziggler's two reigns add up to 69 days of holding the title—a pair of lackluster reigns, to say the least.

Alberto Del Rio is a fine wrestler and deserves to be the World Heavyweight Champion, but not at Ziggler's expense—not yet, at least. After all, Del Rio held the title for three months before Ziggler cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase to take it from him.

So why have another trade of the title?

Rather than run the same old feuds resulting in a system of titles changing between two wrestlers, WWE should have allowed Ziggler to walk away. Even if he were to lose at the next pay-per-view, it could have been to a different opponent.

WWE is often criticized for being top heavy with little room for its mid-card wrestlers—that's mainly because two superstars go at it for the same title for months on end.



There's no true issue with John Cena retaining his WWE championship, as he remains the top draw in the professional wrestling world. What there is an issue with, however, is the massive buildup and disappointing ending to Ryback's time as Cena's rival.

From a heel turn with promise to a deflating loss at Payback, we cannot help but wonder—where can Ryback go from here?

Even if he were to fail to serve as the superstar that WWE had hoped for, it was worth the risk of making Ryback champion. For a company that's thin on top-tier talent and often lets the rest go to waste, WWE had a golden opportunity to push Ryback over the edge.

With CM Punk returning and Cena always a viable option, there would have been alternatives if the title push failed to pan out.

If Ryback ended up thriving as WWE champion, the company would have added a much-needed star to spice up the top star division. In turn, it would have finally filled the void left by departed superstar Batista.

Unfortunately, the opportunity to do so has passed—for now.