WWE Raw Preview: The Fallout from Sunday's Payback Event

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJune 17, 2013

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

It’s Monday again, and that means WWE will be presenting a new episode of Monday Night Raw!

One day removed from WWE’s new June pay-per-view Payback, this episode will feature the fallout of that event.

Not much is confirmed for this week’s show as of this writing except for Payback fallout, so let’s see what could be in store for the WWE Universe the night after the event!

A Crazy Champion: What’s Next Now That AJ Lee is Divas Champions?

During the spring of 2011, AJ Lee and Kaitlyn were the best of friends. Known as the Chickbusters, they competed with one another in tag team matches and accompanied each other to the ring during singles matches.

They remained partners and friends throughout the year, but after AJ developed a relationship with World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan, tensions began to rise between them. It only worsened when Bryan broke up with AJ after WrestleMania XXVIII, and despite Kaitlyn trying to mend their friendship, the Chickbusters were no more.

They would keep their distance from each other for the most part, but they came back together a few months ago.

AJ, now aligned with Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston, won a Battle Royal to become the No. 1 contender for now-WWE Divas champion Kaitlyn's title. Around that time, Kaitlyn began to receive love notes from a secret admirer. The identity of that admirer was finally revealed six days before Payback, and it turned out to be AJ playing a joke on Kaitlyn.

At Payback, AJ defeated her former best friend to be crowned the new Divas champion.

Now that AJ is champion, what does that mean for the Divas division? Will Kaitlyn get her rematch, or will a new challenger come forward?

The Hounds of Justice: Who Will Step Up and Challenge The Shield Now?

Since their debut at the 2012 Survivor Series last November, The Shield have been an unstoppable machine. The group consisting of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns would take out various Superstars on their quest to stop injustice in WWE.

Fans have seen them beat down such main event stars as John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus and The Big Show, but they soon began to target WWE gold.

The Shield’s main targets were Kane and Daniel Bryan of Team Hell No. They wanted the WWE Tag Team Championship from around their waists, and momentum was certainly in their corner. It didn’t matter what Team Hell No did, The Shield were always on top.

United States champion Kofi Kingston soon entered into the situation, and two title matches were made for Extreme Rules. When the event went off the air, Rollins and Reigns were the WWE Tag Team champions and Ambrose was the WWE United States champion.

Both former champions would fail to win back their respective titles, and after Ryback took out Kingston, WWE’s Apex Predator joined in on the fight.

Managing supervisor of Raw Vickie Guerrero then put Bryan and Orton together as a team to fight for the tag titles, while she gave Kane a shot at the United States Championship. At Payback, though, The Shield were victorious once again and retained both titles.

What’s next for The Shield? Will Kane, Bryan and Orton continue to try to take the gold away from them, or will new challengers emerge?

A Paul Heyman Guy: What’s Next for New Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel?

At WrestleMania, The Miz defeated Wade Barrett to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship. The very next night on Raw, though, Barrett reclaimed the title. The Miz would disappear after that, while Barrett found himself with no new challengers.

When The Miz returned last month, he immediately set his sights back on Barrett and the Intercontinental Championship. This time around, an unlikely challenger arose as well.

Fandango partnered with Barrett in a tag team match against Miz and Chris Jericho, but the dancing Superstar was more worried about dancing than the match itself. He entered into the title picture as a result, and a Triple Threat match for the titles was set.

Six days before Payback, WWE revealed that Fandango had suffered a concussion and was therefore pulled from the match. Barrett and Miz were prepared to go one-on-one once again, but Paul Heyman announced that after speaking with managing supervisor Vickie Guerrero, the match was still going to be a Triple Threat match.

His newest client, Curtis Axel, was entered into the match, and the last-minute addition threw off the champion and The Miz. At Payback, Axel did what his father Mr. Perfect did twice before, which was win the Intercontinental Championship.

What’s next for the new champion? Will Barrett receive his rematch, or can The Miz stay in the title picture? Could this be a stepping stone to Heyman managing another World champion?

A Beaten Showoff: How Will Dolph Ziggler Respond to Losing the World Championship?

The night after WrestleMania, Dolph Ziggler finally cashed in the Money in the Bank contract that he won nine months before. He became the 11th Superstar to successfully cash in that night to become the new World Heavyweight champion.

He became a target of former champion Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger, whom Del Rio defeated at WrestleMania. A Triple Threat Ladder match for the title was set up for Extreme Rules, but a monkey wrench was thrown into the equation.

A kick to the head from Swagger to Ziggler put the champion on the shelf with a concussion, and the title match was cancelled as a result. In its place, Del Rio and Swagger went one-on-one in an I Quit Match to determine the No. 1 contender. Del Rio won the match, but he was without a champion to challenge.

Last week on Raw, Ziggler was finally medically cleared to return. Del Rio got his title match at Payback six days later, and the match saw Ziggler in an unsuccessful return, as he would lose the World Heavyweight Championship.

What’s next for new champion Del Rio? How will Ziggler respond to the loss? Will he get a rematch? Could Swagger return to get back into the fold? Could Del Rio see a new challenger entirely?

The Best in the World: What’s Next for CM Punk and Chris Jericho?

Last year at WrestleMania, then-WWE champion CM Punk defended his title against a returning Chris Jericho. It was Best in the World vs. Best in the World, and the end result saw Punk retain his WWE Championship.

The following month at Extreme Rules, Jericho got a rematch in a Chicago Street Fight. Punk once again was the better man. The two Superstars went their separate ways after that, with Punk going on to hold the title until the Royal Rumble and Jericho juggling his WWE career and music career with Fozzy.

At this year’s WrestleMania, Punk attempted what so many have tried and failed at, defeating The Undertaker and breaking his legendary undefeated streak. The Deadman was victorious, and a week later, Punk walked out of WWE.

A few weeks ago, Jericho had Punk’s representative Paul Heyman on the Highlight Reel. Y2J didn’t want to talk about his new client Curtis Axel, though; he wanted to talk about Punk.

A match was made between Punk and Jericho for Payback, which was being held in Punk’s hometown of Chicago. At the event, the two Superstars who call themselves the “Best in the World” went to battle one more time. In front of the hometown crowd, Punk was victorious over Jericho once again.

What’s in store for both Superstars after another match? Will Jericho want another shot at Punk? Will Punk want to move on to getting back the WWE Championship?

Three Stages of Hell: How Will Ryback Respond to John Cena Retaining the WWE Championship?

The night after WrestleMania saw Ryback attack new WWE champion John Cena. Ryback declared that he was sick of Cena, especially since he wouldn’t help him against The Shield when Ryback would help Cena.

Cena told him to take responsibility for his own problems despite him blaming someone [The Rock] for his problems last year, and the situation led to a Last Man Standing match at Extreme Rules.

After beating the hell out of each other throughout the match, it ended in a no-contest when Ryback tackled Cena through the LED lights on the stage. Both Superstars were sent crashing down onto the floor and both were helped out of the arena.

The next night on Raw, Ryback wanted a rematch. An Ambulance match was booked for Payback, but Cena was about to one-up his challenger. The champion wanted the rare Three Stages of Hell match for the event. Ryback would get his ambulance, but not until the third stage. The previous two would see them fight it out in Lumberjack and Tables matches.

At Payback, Ryback would defeat Cena in the first stage while Cena put Ryback through a table in the second stage. It all came down to Ryback’s original match idea, and it saw Cena put Ryback inside the ambulance to retain the WWE Championship.

What will Ryback have to say about the loss? Will he want one more match, or will Cena move on to a new challenger?

With the fallout of Payback looming, this episode of Monday Night Raw should be quite the good one. Will it be? Tune in to find out!


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