Rob Van Dam: What Will His Role Be and How Much Will Paul Heyman Factor into It?

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst IJune 16, 2013

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Whether it was indeed real or just a ploy to push a story line in TNA, you have to admit that Sting coming to WWE was an idea many fans could rally around.

But the fact that WWE has lured Rob Van Dam back, via, seems to quash that idea…I don’t want to say permanently, but it at least delays it for a good long while.

Why? Because even though TNA is light years behind WWE in size and marketing, I don’t think it could or would stand to see two of its icons bolt for the big bad WWE, even if these icons are older.

Besides, it makes more sense for RVD to be in WWE than Sting. Both are proven commodities in the industry, but Van Dam is a dozen years younger. You need look no further than The Big Show, Mark Henry or even Kane to prove that wrestlers in their early 40s can still hold their own against the younger competition.

Van Dam has a track record with WWE, having held top singles and tag team titles not only in WWE but also ECW, whose hardcore extreme style was embraced by the Word Wrestling Federation when it bought the company from Paul Heyman several years ago.

Speaking of Heyman, he could be the wild card in all of this.

WWE could be looking to reunite Van Dam with his former boss and longtime friend and embellish what is looking to be a very strong heel stable in WWE.

On the other hand, perhaps Van Dam will come in and spoil Heyman’s success. WWE could craft a story line where he can take on almost a stopper role, derailing anything Heyman tries just because the two men know each other so well.

While I don’t see him feuding with the likes of Brock Lesnar, he could get into a program with newly crowned IC champ Curtis Axel or even CM Punk if Punk stays on that side of the fence (if not, then possibly a rebranded “Chosen One” Drew McIntyre).

But that’s not to say RVD and Punk could not have a program if Punk jumps back to the babyface side and Van Dam comes in as the next Paul Heyman guy. Just like with everyone else, it all comes down to how he is booked.

Either way, signing Rob Van Dam is a good move on WWE’s part. The company gets a very bankable star who deserves to eventually wind up his career with the top dog in the yard—just like Kurt Angle should do, too.

It’s fitting that Van Dam’s return will be at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view because that is what he will be to WWE: money in the bank.

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