Antonio Cesaro's WWE Future is Very Unclear

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIJune 16, 2013

Antonio Cesaro is gold! Image courtesy of BlowbyBlowWrestling
Antonio Cesaro is gold! Image courtesy of BlowbyBlowWrestling

Succès, successo, success, erfolg...

In how many languages can that word be said and applied to one person?

For Antonio Cesaro, the sky was the limit a few months ago. There have been many articles written and positive things said about him and his promising reign as United States champion.

Yet as it stands today, not so much is clear anymore.

His character was dubbed the "strongest man in WWE pound for pound," so why hasn't he been in any matches over the last few pay-per-view events?

Some say his character lacks personality, others claim he would make much more of an impact were he paired up with former "Kings of Wrestling" partner Kassius Ohno and took the tag team division by storm.

What didn't seem to work for him was the anti-American sentiment he displayed week after week. That old gimmick doesn't work in this day and age. This isn't 1985.

WWE's plans for midcard champions aren't very encouraging, either. They seem to lose every week and/or are fed to the giant John Cena/Randy Orton lions for no apparent reason when it should be the opposite. Impressive new stars like Cesaro should win by pinfall!

Nothing is certain for him now. While he will not be released, which would be pure folly, he is stuck in some sort of limbo, a career crossroads so to speak. That isn't always good.

It isn't always bad, either.

The Miz, Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler experienced this sort of treatment in the last few years, and all are now future stars with enormous potential who already had (or are having) a nice measure of success so far.

All is not lost, it is just unclear—that's very different.

Cesaro has a fine gimmick and is an interesting character worth getting behind. He needs to go in the ring, take care of business and leave bodies battered and bruised without saying much.

A "badass heel" with a "badass" track record.

Get a valet again and hire a manager like Paul Heyman. Problem solved. No more running, no more losing. Just get in there and start "neutralizing" all who oppose you.

In this day and age, competition is strong, and the chances of being supplanted by someone else is quite high. Sometimes, that doesn't leave much of a choice.

Fans can be mean. They will abandon you in a second. Cesaro, as a character, needs to step up his game and get serious again or else he may end up on Superstars fighting 3MB.

Ain't nobody got time for that!

No matter what, this is definitely a guy to hold on to. He is very impressive. All he needs is a new direction and some serious storylines to follow.

With that, and maybe a little Heyman hustle, you could be looking at one of the next World or WWE champions.

After all, Cesaro personifies greatness.

Grandeur, grandezza, grandeza (en espanol), Größe, 伟大, величие...

Yes, Antonio, the WWE Universe gets the picture.