WWE Payback 2013: Marquee Stars Who Will Suffer Key Losses

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistJune 16, 2013

Photo via WWE.com
Photo via WWE.com

WWE’s Payback pay-per-view is just a few hours away, and the excitement surrounding the show and which marquee superstars will suffer losses is the talk of wrestling fans across the world.

All of the following wrestlers have been booked strong leading into this PPV, but with a tough challenger and a storyline going in a different direction, each will take a tough loss Sunday night.



While there is little doubt that the WWE will make Ryback look strong coming out of the Payback PPV, it will be John Cena who successfully retains his WWE championship and ostracizes the musclebound star from the main event scene.

The ideal outcome here would be Ryback winning the first pinfall in the lumberjack match with no interference and a clean pin. Even when he does go on to lose the rest of the matches in this Three Stages of Hell bout, Ryback can still always claim he had a pin on Cena.

The WWE champion can go on to win the tables match via a fluke and then side-step Ryback to use his own momentum to get him into the ambulance, and those endings would appease the Cena fans and still give Ryback some credibility as a main event star.

If Ryback doesn’t pin Cena clean, all of the momentum and credibility built over the last several months would be gone.


Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan

While Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan were able to get the pin on The Shield Friday on SmackDown, tag team champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns will successfully retain their titles at Payback when one of the two faces turns on his partner.

After hitting the RKO on Bryan two weeks ago on SmackDown, the hope is that step two of Orton’s eventual heel turn comes Sunday when he attacks Bryan and costs the team a chance at winning the titles.

Even if it is Bryan who attacks Orton, there is little doubt that this match is all about the tension between the two members of the face team, and that can only result in a lack of trust and an implosion mid match.


Alberto Del Rio

While Alberto Del Rio didn’t have the help of the World Heavyweight champion during the build to this title match, Dolph Ziggler will retain his championship and the Mexican superstar will be relegated out of the title scene

Del Rio has been agonizingly boring throughout his time in the main event scene, and while a promising start to his face run had many fans intrigued, the lack of storyline development and erratic booking has doomed his chances.

The fact that the WWE has not hinted at a title change during Ziggler’s injury or even mentioned the possibility shows that there are no plans to take it away this Sunday. While Del Rio still has a promising future with the company, he should be out of the WHC scene.


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