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Full 2013 MLB All-Star Game Roster Predictions 1 Month Out

Chris StephensCorrespondent IISeptember 22, 2016

Full 2013 MLB All-Star Game Roster Predictions 1 Month Out

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    The 2013 MLB All-Star Game is a month away, with fans stuffing the ballot boxes in droves. Some players deserve to be voted in, while others will be voted in based solely on the strength of their fanbase.

    Inevitably, players will miss the game because of it, but that's All-Star voting for you.

    Here's a look at the MLB All-Star predictions one month out.

    Did I miss anyone? Let me know in the comments section.


    Note: Injuries were not taken into account for this. It was taken into account, however, that one player will be represented by each team. The 33 selections are the first 33 projected to make the team, as more players will be added due to injuries or unavailability for the game, i.e. pitchers.

AL Catchers

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    C Joe Mauer, Twins

    Mauer is currently the leading vote-getter among all AL backstops and is showing once again why he is among the game's best behind the plate. He is currently batting .321 with six home runs and 21 RBI. 

    C Salvador Perez, Royals

    Perez doesn't get as much respect as he deserves behind the plate, mainly because of his age. However, he's had a solid season thus far, batting .310 with three home runs and 26 RBI.


    C Carlos Santana, Indians

    Santana is showing his All-Star potential this year, batting .284 with nine home runs and 30 RBI.

AL Infield

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    1B Chris Davis, Orioles

    Davis had baseball on edge early this year with the amount of bombs he was hitting. He is currently leading the big leagues with 23 home runs. He also has a .335 batting average and 60 RBI.


    1B Edwin Encarnacion, Blue Jays

    After struggling to begin the year, Encarnacion has come on as of late and is currently hitting .267 with 18 home runs and 55 RBI. If the Blue Jays are going to make a comeback at all this year, he'll be one of the reasons they do.


    2B Robinson Cano, Yankees

    Cano is the leading vote-getter among second basemen and is pretty much a shoo-in to start there. When it comes to this position, Cano is in a class of his own.


    2B Jose Altuve, Astros

    Altuve will be the lone representative for the Astros this year. He's batting .292 with three home runs and 27 RBI.


    SS J.J. Hardy, Orioles

    Hardy has a slim lead in the vote totals, but his play this year guarantees him a spot on the All-Star roster. He's batting .264 with 13 home runs and 40 RBI.


    SS Jhonny Peralta, Tigers

    Sometimes Peralta can get lost in an infield that includes Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera. However, he's holding his own at shortstop this year, batting .333 with six home runs and 29 RBI.


    3B Miguel Cabrera, Tigers

    Cabrera currently leads all players in votes, and likely will throughout. He's trying to make another run at a Triple Crown and is only four home runs shy of leading all three major hitting categories.


    3B Evan Longoria, Rays

    Longoria is also displaying a good amount of power for the Rays, batting .306 with 14 home runs and 42 RBI.


    3B Adrian Beltre, Rangers

    Beltre has picked up some of the slack for the Rangers offense, batting .305 with 14 home runs and 38 RBI.


    DH David Ortiz, Red Sox

    Big Papi leads all designated hitters by a good margin and likely won't be passed before voting ends.

AL Outfield

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    OF Adam Jones, Orioles

    Jones barely holds the top spot for outfielders, but the distance between the top two and third is almost 900,000 votes. He's batting .303 with 14 home runs and 48 RBI.


    OF Mike Trout, Angels

    Trout is No. 2 in voting and likely won't be surpassed for a starting spot. He's currently batting .305 with 12 home runs, 43 RBI and 15 stolen bases.


    OF Jose Bautista, Blue Jays

    Bautista has been absolutely hammering the ball as of late, hitting 15 home runs and driving in 37 runs.


    OF Nelson Cruz, Rangers

    Along with Adrian Beltre, Cruz has done a good job at holding the Rangers offense together. He's batting .258 with 16 home runs and 44 RBI.


    OF Daniel Nava, Red Sox

    Coming into this year, Nava wasn't as well-known outside of Boston. However, he's been dynamite at the plate this year, batting .288 with nine home runs and 44 RBI.


    OF Matt Joyce, Rays

    Joyce is another player who didn't get much recognition prior to this year, but has been solid throughout. He's batting .270 with 14 home runs and 31 RBI.

AL Starting Pitching

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    SP Yu Darvish, Rangers

    Darvish leads the league in strikeouts with 127 and is a candidate to start the game for the AL. He has a record of 7-2, carries an ERA of 2.64 and a WHIP of 0.94.


    SP Justin Verlander, Tigers

    Verlander is always a candidate to be in the All-Star Game. He's simply one of the best (if not the best) pitcher in the game. This year, he is 8-4 with a 3.41 ERA and 101 strikeouts.


    SP Anibal Sanchez, Tigers

    Another candidate to start for the AL, Sanchez is having the best season of his pro career. He's currently 6-5 with a 2.76 ERA and 101 strikeouts. His losses are not due to poor pitching.


    SP Max Scherzer, Tigers

    Scherzer is 9-0 with a 3.19 ERA and 106 strikeouts. He hasn't made very many mistakes this year.


    SP Clay Buchholz, Red Sox

    My pick to start for the AL this year, Buchholz is 9-0 with a 1.71 ERA and 1.02 WHIP. His strikeout total (81) is low compared to those above, but so far, he's been the best pitcher in the AL.


    SP Justin Masterson, Indians

    Masterson still doesn't get respect outside of Cleveland, but he's been the real deal this year. He's 8-5 with a 3.52 ERA and 102 strikeouts.


    SP Bartolo Colon, Athletics

    Colon was supposed to be the A's No. 5 starter this year, but has turned out to be their ace. He's 8-2 with a 2.92 ERA.


    SP Hisashi Iwakuma, Mariners

    Iwakuma is proving there is another ace in Seattle. He's 7-1 with a 2.06 ERA and 90 strikeouts.


    SP Felix Hernandez, Mariners

    King Felix is again showing why he's called the King, as he's 8-4 with a 2.32 ERA and 110 strikeouts.


    SP Chris Sale, White Sox

    Sale is showing he's the ace of the White Sox, going 5-5 with a 2.43 ERA and 0.90 WHIP.

AL Relievers

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    RP Jim Johnson, Orioles

    Johnson is proving he's the best closer in the game, as he has 25 saves on the year. He's blown four saves and has a 4.05 ERA, but for the most part, he's done his job.


    RP Mariano Rivera, Yankees

    Rivera is having the best year of his career thus far, making it even more unreal that he's going to retire. He has 23 saves so far and a 1.48 ERA. There's no doubt he'll get the ball in the ninth inning.


    RP Jesse Crain, White Sox

    Crain has been the best middle relief guy in the AL this year, giving him the nod for that role. He has 17 holds.


    RP Joe Nathan, Rangers

    Nathan has been able to solidify the back-end of the Rangers bullpen, garnering 20 saves and a 1.65 ERA.

NL Catchers

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    C Buster Posey, Giants

    Posey leads all NL players with almost two million votes. He's batting .313 with eight home runs and 41 RBI.


    C Yadier Molina, Cardinals

    Like Posey, Molina is having a good season as well and should get selected easily. He's batting .352 with four home runs and 36 RBI.


    C/OF Evan Gattis, Braves

    Gattis deserves to be selected because of what he's done as a rookie. He's already tied a franchise record with four pinch-hit home runs and has 14 total on the year. He also has 37 RBI.

NL Infield

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    1B Allen Craig, Cardinals

    Craig is another player who doesn't get a lot of attention, but he's quietly having the best year of his career. He's batting .313 with six home runs and 51 RBI.


    1B Joey Votto, Reds

    Votto is the leading vote-getter among first basemen, and it looks as if nobody is going to pass him. He's batting .318 with 11 home runs and 33 RBI.


    1B Paul Goldschmidt, Diamondbacks

    Goldschmidt is having the best season of any NL first baseman, but likely won't get the required votes to earn the start. He's batting .302 with 15 home runs and 59 RBI.


    2B Brandon Phillips, Reds

    Phillips leads all second basemen in votes and will likely start there as well. He's batting .278 with 10 home runs and 56 RBI.


    2B Daniel Murphy, Mets

    Most people may question this pick, as Marco Scutaro seems to be a better option. However, Murphy has driven in 16 more runs and is hitting the ball better. Plus, the game is in New York. If it comes down to one or other for the final spot, Murphy will get the nod.


    SS Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies

    Injuries aside, Tulowitzki is again showing he is the best shortstop in the NL. He's batting .347 with 16 home runs and 51 RBI.


    SS Everth Cabrera, Padres

    Cabrera is batting .305, but also leads the league with 31 stolen bases. If Tulo doesn't play in the game due to injury, expect Cabrera to get the start and bat leadoff.


    SS Jean Segura, Brewers

    Segura deserves respect, and I'm going to give it to him. He's batting .330 with 10 home runs and 30 RBI and has stolen 19 bases.


    3B Pablo Sandoval, Giants

    Sandoval is having a good season thus far, batting .289 with eight home runs and 37 RBI.


    3B David Wright, Mets

    Wright is going to start at third for the NL. Sandoval may be ahead in votes right now, but it won't last long. Wright is batting .297 with nine home runs and 36 RBI.

NL Outfield

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    OF Justin Upton, Braves

    Upton got off to a hot start this year but has since cooled off. Still, he's the leading vote-getter among outfielders. He's batting .250 with 15 home runs and 32 RBI.


    OF Bryce Harper, Nationals

    Harper is currently second in voting among outfielders and is batting .287 with 12 home runs and 23 RBI.


    OF Carlos Beltran, Cardinals

    Beltran has surged as of late in the voting and is batting .311 with 16 home runs and 44 RBI.


    OF Ryan Braun, Brewers

    Despite all the Biogenesis scandal talk, Braun will represent the Brewers in the game. He's batting .304 with nine home runs and 36 RBI.


    OF Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies

    Gonzalez has recently gone on a tear and currently leads the league in home runs (19) and RBI (54).


    OF Domonic Brown, Phillies

    Brown may be the biggest surprise in baseball this year, as he's batting .276 with 19 home runs and 48 RBI.


    OF Michael Cuddyer, Rockies

    Cuddyer has quietly gone about his business this year and done very well for himself. He's batting .337 with 10 home runs and 38 RBI.

NL Starting Pitching

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    SP Adam Wainwright, Cardinals

    The biggest debate among pundits will be who starts for the NL. My vote goes to Wainwright, who has shown a lot this year. He's 10-3 with a 2.18 ERA and 97 strikeouts.


    SP Jordan Zimmermann, Nationals

    Zimmermann is another candidate to start for the NL, as he has a record of 9-3 with a 2.44 ERA and 0.93 WHIP.


    SP Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers

    Everyone knows how good Kershaw is. He's 5-4 with a 1.84 ERA and 104 strikeouts.


    SP Patrick Corbin, Diamondbacks

    Corbin has yet to lose a game this year, as he has nine wins, a 2.28 ERA and 1.07 WHIP.


    SP Jason Marquis, Padres

    Marquis has been the ace thus far for the Padres and is a big reason why they've done better the last few weeks. He's 9-2 with a 3.63 ERA and 1.39 WHIP.


    SP Cliff Lee, Phillies

    After struggling to pick up wins last year, Lee has picked up eight this year and has a 2.55 ERA and 0.98 WHIP to go along with it.


    SP Matt Harvey, Mets

    Everyone has been impressed with Harvey this year. The only downside is that he hasn't been getting many decisions...but that's not really his fault. He's 5-1 with a 2.04 ERA, 0.91 WHIP and 102 strikeouts. Don't be surprised to see him get consideration to start the game, either.


    SP Scott Feldman, Cubs

    Feldman will be the lone representative for the Cubs. While not overly impressive, he's still 6-5 with a 3.05 ERA and 1.10 WHIP.

NL Relievers

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    RP Craig Kimbrel, Braves

    Kimbrel is still one of the game's best closers. He has 18 saves on the year, a 1.78 ERA and 35 strikeouts.


    RP Aroldis Chapman, Reds

    Chapman has 17 saves on the year and will be on the roster for his ability to consistently hit triple-digits on the radar gun. He also has an ERA of 2.10.


    RP Jason Grilli, Pirates

    Grilli leads the NL in saves with 24 and has yet to blow a save this year. His ERA sits at 0.91 with a WHIP of 0.78. He's also struck out 49.


    RP Mark Melancon, Pirates

    Melancon came over from the Red Sox in a trade involving Joel Hanrahan and has been dynamite as the setup man. He leads the majors with 20 holds.


    RP Steve Cishek, Marlins

    Cishek is the lone Marlins representative. While he hasn't gotten much of a chance to prove his worth this year, the times he's pitched have been exciting to watch.

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