UFC 161 Results: Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis for Nelson vs. Miocic

Steven RondinaFeatured ColumnistJune 15, 2013

UFC 161 Results: Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis for Nelson vs. Miocic

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    UFC 161's co-main event, a heavyweight tilt between fan favorite and on-again, off-again title contender Roy Nelson and striker Stipe Miocic, is a matchup nobody wanted, really.

    Nelson is in desperate need of a fight that advances him toward a title shot, as he is the proud owner of the UFC heavyweight division's longest active winning streak. Miocic, meanwhile, is a legitimately skilled prospect, but he is still reeling from the loss to Stefan Struve last year.

    Regardless, the fight is upon us, and we're here to bring you all the details.

    So, how is this heavyweight tilt playing out? Find out right here!

Round 1

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    In a night of snoozers, the UFC is needing somebody to help redeem this card. Lucky for them, they have Roy Nelson on this card, a guy basically incapable of having a boring fight.

    As the horn sounds both fighters come out hard. Nelson is showing more head movement than in previous fights, but keeps ducking forward. He fakes a takedown to set up a big right, and is pressing the action hard.

    Miocic is on his proverbial bicycle, but is landing some shots while pedaling. Miocic clinches, but does very little with it.

    Miocic is starting to land hard rights and actually rocks Nelson. He recovers quickly, but is looking a bit slower already. Nelson may have actually tired himself out.

    With about a minute left, Miocic again rocks Nelson and clinches, landing several big elbows. Nelson recovers and reverses the clinch. Again, though, Nelson is looking slower and taking deep, deep breaths.

    The round ends and Nelson quickly puts his hands to his knees.

    Tough round for Nelson, and an easy one to score.

    10-9 Miocic

Round 2

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    Nelson's corner screams in his face to stop chasing between rounds, and it seems to take hold.

    Nelson slows down, but is still swinging hard. That said, he is very clearly tired. Miocic again starts unloading on Nelson, and clinches him to the cage. Miocic looks fresh and comfortable, while Roy is very clearly tired from the two minutes of Ben Henderson-style fighting he started with.

    Roy is struggling to keep his hands up, but lands an uppercut that again puts Miocic on his bicycle. Still, Miocic finds a couple punches on the way out.

    The round winds down with Miocic using his wrestling to further wear down the ever-welting Nelson. Miocic clinches, lands some strikes and, again, the horn sounds.

    Another easy round to score.

    10-9 Miocic

Round 3

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    Miocic continues landing punches with no response from Nelson.

    Nelson presses the action, and again has Miocic running.

    Deep in the round, Miocic takes Nelson down and proceeds to press him to the cage in the ensuing scramble. He lands some elbows, but the ref is quick to separate them.

    Roy continues breathing heavily, and can't muster up more than a punch or two at a time, which Miocic can simply run away from. When the “ten seconds left” clapper sounds, Miocic lands a few more hands just to keep things obvious. Total slam dunk for the prospect, who took advantage of Nelson's poor early discipline.

    10-9 Miocic

    The judges agree, and give him the unanimous nod. An absolutely career-altering fight for Roy. Will be very interesting to see what happens with him from here.