WWE Payback 2013: Why All the Pressure Is on John Cena vs. Ryback

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistJune 16, 2013

Photo via WWE.com
Photo via WWE.com

When John Cena defends his WWE Championship against Ryback in the main event of Sunday’s Payback pay-per-view, the match will be the most important bout of the entire night.

Forget CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan and all the rest of the top stars on this card—Sunday’s show is all about Cena vs. Ryback.

This bout will undoubtedly be the main event of the evening, meaning most fans will remember this match the most, as the outcome will be the last thing they see for the night as the show goes off the air.

No matter how the match goes, the fact that this is the main event will raise expectations through the roof. The PPV overall will be judged by how well this WWE Championship match comes off to fans.

Not only is the placement of this match adding more pressure to the performers, but a recent report from F4WOnline via Wrestling Inc. indicates that while Ryback has been booked strong leading into this bout, this main event is all about Cena:

As of this week, Ryback is not scheduled to win the WWE Title from John Cena at Sunday's Payback pay-per-view. The whole idea behind the Three Stages of Hell match is that it will be used as a vehicle to get Cena over big for the summer.

With almost all of the WWE Universe leaning towards Cena retaining the title, this would be the perfect time for the company to throw the fans a huge swerve and give Ryback the PPV win he needs to keep himself on the main event level.

If Ryback loses again, it will do serious damage to his reputation, but the WWE will do its best to soften the blow of another main event defeat this time.

While there is no doubt that  winning a Three Stages of Hell match against Ryback would make Cena look like the company’s top star, he already is. That’s why Ryback must collect the first win in the lumberjack match via a clean pin.

Cena could fluke into winning the second match since Ryback could accidentally get pushed through a table, but it would be the current champion that eventually retained the title by putting his opponent in the ambulance.

Ryback would inevitably look weak for losing the match, but the fact that he would pin Cena clean would salvage the monster heel’s position as a main event player.

If he loses clean in the first fall and wins the tables match, Ryback will be nothing.

The WWE can’t afford to screw up this main event, but if Cena vs. Ryback falls to live up to expectations or have an ending that helps everyone, this PPV will be viewed in a negative light.


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