Evans vs. Henderson: Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

Scott Harris@ScottHarrisMMAMMA Lead WriterJune 15, 2013

Evans vs. Henderson: Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

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    The main event of UFC 161 goes down this Saturday night (or early Sunday morning) when Rashad Evans tangles with Dan Henderson. 

    Most fans and pundits seem to be leaning toward Evans to get back in the win column over Henderson, a fighter who is a decade Evans' senior.

    Both men have wrestling bases and strong punching power. Should be interesting.

    Here's a round-by-round recap of the action, updated as the fight unfolds.

Round 1

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    They begin and Henderson is in the center of the Octagon. Twenty seconds elapse with nothing thrown.

    Then 30 seconds. Big feeling-out process here. Hendo bulls forward but doesn't land much. Hendo very still, Rashad twisting back and forth and fluttering his hands around like hummingbirds.

    Hendo wades in again and then a third time but can't land the bomb. Evans clinches Henderson up (or was that a takedown attempt?) at the 2:20 mark and now they're along the fence.

    They separate and back to the center. Stiff jab from Henderson and Evans is suddenly down. Henderson's swinging hard but lands nothing and Evans recovers.

    Evans slips but Hendo doesn't chase. More standing and circling. That'll do it for round one.

    My score: 10-9 Henderson

Round 2

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    Second begins and Evans goes for the takedown. He lands it but Hendo pops up. Evans presses him against the fence.

    Couple of knees to the thighs and upper body traded back and forth. Evans lands a right hook and then an uppercut. That stunned Dan at a minimum but he quickly recovers.

    Punches traded and more circling but nothing major. A sharp short elbow from Henderson Evans is tired and cut a bit over his eye for that elbow.

    My score: 10-9 Evans

Round 3

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    Final round and so far according to Fight Metric no takedowns landed successfully.

    A big combination from Evans damaged Hendo. Hendo retreats and they reset in the center.

    Henderson fakes a shot (I think). Evans clinches Hendo up and lands some dirty boxing. Hendo answers with a knee to the solarplexus. Evans lands a combo to the body and face and he's opening up a bit now, with two minutes to go.

    Henderson wants no part of it and backs up. They're clinched against the fence and again exchanging knees. Evans now landing short punches to the face. Evans lands a good jab and that's how it ends.

    My score: 10-9 Evans

    My overall decision: 29-28 Evans

    Actual decision: Evans by split decision