Big E Langston's Potential Plot Twist with WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistJune 15, 2013

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Big E Langston is a beast, a strong brute of a man, a WWE Superstar. He appears to have his whole future ahead of him in Vince McMahon’s company.  He has a great spot as “the heavy” next to current World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler and his girlfriend AJ Lee.

But for me, a very interesting storyline twist was missed this past Monday night on Raw. And it’s one that Langston may end up returning to eventually.

As we all know, WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn was due to meet her secret admirer on Monday, and that mystery man was apparently none other than Langston himself.  Carrying flowers and wearing a hopeful expression on his face, Big E Langston made his way to the ring and told Kaitlyn that she was all he could think of from the moment he met her.

However, the entire spot was nothing but a trick.  It was merely a way to bait Kaitlyn, and once her hopes could not be higher, Langston literally dropped her like a bad habit.

Of course, this went a long way to reignite interest in the feud that had been brewing for several weeks now between AJ and Kaitlyn.  Now, we’re left with a Divas title match that has some drama behind it—some real teeth that perhaps will make fans actually care when the two women face off on June 16’s Payback.

The secret admirer angle did what it was supposed to do: It set up the pay-per-view match, and now we’re off to the races.  It was a good move, it made sense and at the end of the day it was probably the best thing for both Divas.

But I, for one, saw something in that very quick moment between Langston and Kaitlyn.  It was something that I have personally not seen from E since he debuted on WWE’s main roster; personality.

To his credit, though, it’s not easy to find any real depth of character to Langston right now. Basically, he’s either acting as bodyguard for Dolph, or he’s in the ring, throwing his weight around as any other muscled-up WWE Superstar would do.

And he wears some horrible ring gear.  Seriously, E, it’s time to go shopping.

So while he’s overpowering everyone in his way, frowning and grimacing the whole time, he is just doing what big tough guys like him do.  What you see is what you get.  

But when he stood nervously in the ring, stumbling over his words as he confessed his admiration for Kaitlyn, he actually began to look human.  He went from being a strongman to being an everyman, a guy who let his guard down for the woman that he had desired from a distance.

I have to admit that for a moment, I started to enjoy what I was seeing and was honestly anxious to see what would happen next.

Would Dolph and AJ come barreling down the ramp and confront Langston, questioning him as to why he would do something like this?  Would AJ slap him and then attack Kaitlyn, only to have each man separate them before the fight got out of hand?

Would Big E be in Kaitlyn’s corner for her title defense at Payback?

But the answer was no, and now we’re back to the same scenario we had before the spot happened. Or are we?

I can see this angle actually coming back around at some point.  Perhaps Langston will begin to feel guilty over his role in this trickery.  Perhaps Ziggler will get in Kaitlyn’s face and E will feel compelled to rescue her.  Maybe we could see the pairing of Langston and Kaitlyn truly evolve anyway.

Don’t misunderstand me here, I’m not exactly crazy about romance angles in WWE, or for that matter, professional wrestling as a whole.  But, if it’s done right and the storyline has some believability around it, then I don’t really have a problem with it.

Just to see Langston have the opportunity to be fleshed out somewhat would be worth the time. It would definitely be more than what we’re seeing from him right now.

But this has less to do with wanting to see Langston and Kaitlyn have a relationship than it is wanting to see the big man have something a little bit more substantial than just they typical bodyguard gimmick that he currently has.  All I’m looking for is personality.  And hopefully at some point, Big E Langston will have exactly that.

Whether he has ring gear that actually fits, or not.