B/R Turns Into The WWE Chapter 14: Dreams Come True

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IMay 4, 2009

Welcome to the series that is B/R Turns Into The WWE. Now before we start this week's episode of Raw I want to make sure everyone is clear on whether they're a heel or face or in between or whatever. So here.

Faces On Raw

Ryan Michael

Jason Le Blanc

Ray Bogusz

Greg Bush

Giorgi Dolidze


Ste Eccles & Jason Savage

Paul Andriuskevicius

Jen Preston

Shreyash Dugar

Ben Sampson 

Heels On Raw

Shane Howard

Joe Burgett

Conor Green

Adrian Staehle

Terrel Johnson


Alberto Cortez

John Nason

Garret Gonzales

Adam Testa

Chris Browne

That's it!

Monday Night Raw

(Jeff) Welcome to Monday Night Raw everyone!

(C. No. 2) You are in for a great show tonight.

(Jeff) With the matches we have scheduled I gotta agree with you.

(C. No. 2) So let's go to the first of many as we will find out who will face Joe at Judgment Day.

(Jeff) That's right it's the triple threat match for the No. 1 Contendership.

(Ryan enters followed by Jason Le Blanc then finally Shane)

Bell sounds match begins. Jason clotheslining Shane out of the ring. Turns around only to get hit by a drop kick from Ryan. Covers, 1, kicks out. Ryan bringing Jason to his feet. Ryan catapults Jason into the corner. And running delivers a spinning wheel kick. Covers 1, 2, Shane pulls Ryan outside the ring.

Shane now throws Ryan into the ring post. Now Shane gets back into the ring. And waits for Jason to get up. With Jason at his feet Shane delivers a big high knee. Covers, 1, 2, Jason rolls the shoulder. Shane turns around only to see Ryan jumping right on top of him and now pounds away at Shane's head.

Ryan lifts him up and catapults him into the corner. With Shane in the corner Ryan runs right into him delivering a big elbow. Ryan turns around and gets speared by Le Blanc. Here's the cover 1, 2, Ryan barely just barely lifts his shoulder off the mat. Ryan down, Jason gets up just looking at him. Shane already behind him just waiting for him to turn around.

He does and Shane going for his finisher the Packaged Piledriver and it's a perfect hit. Covers 1, 2, Ryan breaks it up and pins Jason himself, 1, 2, Jason rolls the shoulder. Ryan gets up and Shane right there to try and connect his finisher to Ryan this time, but Ryan counters that into a DDT.

Ryan covers, 1, 2, Le Blanc is there to break it up. Shane hurting so he rolls out of the ring. With Ryan still on the ground Jason goes to the top rope probably looking no connect the Nosedive. Shane up rather quickly though and pushes Jason off the rope.

Gets on himself and waits for him to get up looking for a diving clothesline off the rope. He jumps, but his hand is caught and Ryan changes it into his finisher the Hell Raiser(similar to Arm Wrench Neck Breaker). Ryan for the win, 1, 2, 3. It's over.

(Announcer) The winner and new No. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, Ryan Michael!

(Jeff) What a match that was!

(C. No. 2) If this is what we saw for the contendership I can't imagine what we'll see in the title match!

(Jeff) So it looks like Ryan is going to Judgement Day to try and take Burgett's gold.


(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw everyone! You just witnessed a spectacular match for the No. 1 contendership and in the end it's Ryan heading to Judgement Day.

(C. No. 2) And your just in time for The Spotlight wher Joe Burgett will share some thoughts with us here tonight.

(Jeff) And here he comes now.

(Joe enters with a smile on his face)

The Spotlight

(Joe) Welcome everyone to The Spotlight. Of course I'm the only one in the spotlight here. I mean who else has done something amazing recently. I won the World Title how about you sir?

(Guy In audience) Well.................I bought new tires for my car.

(Joe) Oh wow that's so exciting. I honestly wish I was you. Oh wait no I don't because I'm me and that's better than you or any of your friends or anyone else on this planet!

(Shane comes out)

(Shane) Burgett I'm out here for one reason and one reason only. And that's to challenge you for the World Heavyweight Championship.

(Joe) Hold on there. Let me ask you a question. Do I look like an idiot to you? Why the hell should I put my title on the line. Last time I checked your not the No. 1 contender. You lost so deal with it your not getting a shot at this(title) in the near future.

(Shane) I'm sorry I thought you were Joe Burgett and not some punk ass pussy who is scared to defend his title.

(Joe) You know what Shane? I know I can beat you any time. So that match you want will happen tonight.

(GM of Raw aka Me comes out)

(Svyato) Hmmm, a World Title match on Raw, I'd be stupid not to allow it. It's official tonight you, Joe will put your title on the line against Shane, but there's a twist. The match that will take place tonight will be a Ladder Match!

The Arena comes to life as they here Svyato

(Jeff) Can you believe this? We're going to have a Ladder match here tonight.

(C. No. 2) It's going to be a spectacle that's for sure.


(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw folks. Your just in time to see the one and only Greg Bush in action.

(C. No. 2) Greg had a successful title defense against Kevin Canny at Backlash and he is here tonight to take on Adam Testa.

(Jeff) Testa making his WWE debut tonight.

Bell sounds match begins. Both men lock up. Neither able to do anything so they break it. Now Greg trying to get around to trip him, but Testa delivering some big kicks. Greg down. Testa going up high. Greg gets up quickly though and tries to throw him off, but that changes into a rolling pin, 1, 2, Greg kicks out.

Greg now gets lifted to his feet and gets a kick to the mid section for Testa now Testa goes off the rope attempting to attack Greg, but Greg changes it into a Sidewalk slam. Greg feeling the momentum shifting.

Waits for Testa to get to his feet. He gets up and Greg lifts him up for the Bush Bomb! But wait someone just came out of the audience and into the ring. Greg turns around and bam the mystery man hits a superkick. Bell sounds.

(Announcer) The winner as a reuslt of DQ, Greg Bush.

(Jeff) Who is that man?

(C. No. 2) I'll tell you who that is that's another of Raw's new stars, it's Chris Browne.

(Jeff) Chris apparently wants his shot at ITC gold.


(Conor Green) It's Joe right?

(Joe) Yeah and your the guy Shane beat last Raw.

(Conor) I know. I'm just here to let you know that if you need help tonight I'll be out there. Shane is not getting his hands on the World Title as long as I'm on Raw.

(Joe) Thanks, but I wont need the help.

(Conor) Trust me I've seen you out there. Your an amazing superstar, but in the rare chance that Shane looks like he may have done enough to win I'll be there.

(Joe Smiles and shakes hands with Conor)


(Announcer) This Divas contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Women's Championship. Introducing first is the challenger, Mina. And her opponent Jen Preston.

Bell sounds match begins. Mina taking it right to Jen as she jumps right on her and rolls Jen into a pin, 1, Jen kicks out. Mina now taking it to the champion. Pounding away at Jen's face. Now gets on top of her and locks in the Camel Clutch. Oh and it looks like Jen is in big pain. Jen doesn't wanna give up her gold though. Trying to resist, but she realizes she can't so Jen taps. 

(Announcer) The Winner and New Women's Champion, Mina!

(Jeff) And look at the smile on Mina's face.

(C. No. 2) A moment like this is obviously deserving of one.


(Jeff) Welcome back To Raw.

(C. No. 2) We are seconds away from our mainevent, but first we would like to wish the best of luck to Sulayman in his recovery.

(Jeff) Sulayman suffered a major injury at Backlash and we really hope he can return to the WWE, more importantly Raw as soon as possible because he is one hell of a performer that we just can't get enough of.

(C. No. 2) But now let's get ready for our mainevent.

(Shane and Joe both make their way down to the ring)

Bell sounds an this matchup is underway. Joe looks pumped, but Shane just giving Joe this evil stare. Now Shane and Joe lock up and Joe lifting Shane, but it works in Shane's advantage as he makes that a DDT. Now Shane quick to get out of the ring. Pulls out a ladder from under the ring and slides it into the ring.

Shane getting into the ring, but Joe right there to kick Shane and now stomping and stomping Shane and now takes him and throws him out of the ring. Joe setting up the ladder. Starting to climb. Shane gets in the ring ASAP to push the ladder along with Joe. Joe landing right on the announcer's table.

Now Shane takes the ladder and throws it on top off Burgett. Shane gets out and finds himself another ladder. He sets that one up with Joe coming to outside the ring. Shane halfway there. Joe up and quickly takes the ladder that was on top of him with him into the ring. Joe takes his ladder and starts hitting the ladder that Shane is standing on.

That results in Shane landing painfully on his arm. Joe not climbing this time instead he's going to add to Shane's pain. And who's that with the front row seat. It's Conor. He get's into ring area. He's holding Shane while Joe gets the ladder and connects it with Shane's stomach.

Now Conor dragging Shane from the Arena as Joe is getting back into the ring to climb that ladder. Shane coming to though and see's himself being dragged he escapes and delivers a low blow to Conor and runs to the ring. 

Shane makes it to the ring an jumps on the ladder. Joe just fingertips away from the title when Shane gets up there and gives him a punch. Shane now trying desperately to push Joe off and he does. Joe falls Shane is in the title's view. He grabs it and the match is over.

(Announcer) The winner and New World Heavyweight Champion, Shane Howard.

(Jeff) Can you believe this? At the start of the show Shane lost the contendership for the World title to Ryan, but now he's World Champion.

(C. No. 2) Well that's all for today, tune in next week for another great Raw.

Raw's Over!   


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