NBA Finals: Big Baby's One Thing for Game 5 of San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat

Behind The MicVideo SeriesJune 14, 2013


The Miami Heat were embarrassed in Game 3 of the 2013 NBA Finals. Their big 3 was missing for the majority of the game, their defense lacked energy and their role players were quiet. 
While their future looked helpless after that loss, they got it together for Game 4. 
The Big 3 had maybe their best game together, combining for 85 points and dominating every aspect of the game. Dwyane Wade was brilliant from the beginning, bringing back memories of 2006 Flash to Heat fans everywhere. LeBron was attacking the rim, finishing with 33 points and Bosh dominated the paint with 13 rebounds and 2 blocks. 
The Heat regained home-court, hoping to finish off the Spurs in Miami, but to do that, they must play as perfect as they did in Game 4. 
San Antonio held their own for the majority of the game, that was until Tony Parker went cold in the second half. Parker showed no signs of injury in the first 2 quarters, but after halftime, he was no longer the same, proving that his injury may be more serious than he led on. If that is the case, Duncan and his role players must pick up the slack, quickly. 
Glen "Big Baby" Davis breaks down The One Thing you should be looking out for in Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat.
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