WWE Payback: The Shield vs. Bryan and Orton Is Predictable, but Will Be Great

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJune 15, 2013


Sometimes, knowing what will happen is as exciting as how it will happen. In the case of Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan's coexistence in the match with The Shield members Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, will their "inexperience" be their undoing?

I'm not sure I really care because I know this match could be the one that steals the show. Regardless of the outcome (which we all know The Shield will win), there are four game-changers in the ring who could ultimately reign supreme in the WWE.

I love matches that mean something, that have passion and lead to other angles. And in this case, there should not be a slow moment to speak of. If Bryan has anything to say about it, each member of The Shield will feel his wrath throw the cross face or with kicks to the midsection, the chest or any where else wrestling's toughest vegan sees fit.

Orton, who is just as "crazy" as Bryan (he hears voices in his head, you know) could use the "loss" to springboard his "heel" turn we have all been waiting to happen. This is not about winning tag team titles (and for the record, Michael Cole said on SmackDown that Kane wasn't sure Orton and Bryan could beat The Shield in the tag team match.

That's confidence, I tell you.

Way to back up and support your former tag team partner. But it's all part of the plan. At some point, Orton needs his heel turn, and claiming he was put in a match with a partner who was the "weaker" link.

For The Shield, this is just another stepping stone. The WWE does not want the three monsters to lose their momentum this early, so you are almost guaranteed that the belts stay around the waist of Rollins and Reigns (and Dean Ambrose in his United States title match with Kane).

After seeing the six-man tag match Friday night, where Bryan made Rollins submit and celebrated with with Orton and Kane in the ring, we all knew what would happen come Sunday.

Predictable? Yes. Is that a good thing? Maybe. Whatever the outcome, it will be a match we might talk about as the best of the night. Having knowledge of the outcome in this case is something that helps build the match even more.

Remember what they say about Payback? We are about to see it happen.