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Athletes Whose First Names You Don't Know

Eric NewmanCorrespondent IIIJune 18, 2013

Athletes Whose First Names You Don't Know

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    Tiger is Eldrick. No big surprises there. The Babe was George. Any sports fan worth his giant foam finger knows that as well.

    But how about the following athletes? You may know their stats, their jersey numbers, their best plays, but do you know their first names? Think so? Try the following quiz and see how you do.

Spud Webb

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    Who is he? Former NBA guard. League staple from mid 80s to late 90s. Five foot seven dunking phenom. 

    What's his first name?

    A. Potato

    B. Spider

    C. Anthony

    D. Spencer

Spud's First Name Is...

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    Answer: Anthony

    Why Spud? All the short-like-a-potato origin rumors are wrong. The real story is a friend of his father's saw the newborn Anthony and commented that the baby had a head like Sputnik, the Russian satellite. 

Bo Jackson

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    Who is he? Multi-sport All-Star (baseball and football).

    What's his first name?

    A. Vincent

    B. Action

    C. Beauregard

    D. Michael

Bo's First Name Is...

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    Answer: Vincent

    Why Bo? Young Vinny had a lot of energy. His brothers called him wild boar. Later, they dropped the wild and the -ar. 

B.J. Raji

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    Who is he? Nose tackle for the Green Bay Packers. End-zone dancer

    What's his first name?

    A. Benjamin

    B. Busari

    C. Bartholomew

    D. Buster

B.J.'s First Name Is...

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    Answer: Busari

    Why Busari? He's named after his father, a Nigerian immigrant. 

Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

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    Who is he? Driver of the No. 88 Diet Mountain Dew/National Guard Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports. A NASCAR legend. Son of a NASCAR legend.

    What's his first name?

    A. Daleendor

    B. Al

    C. Ralph

    D. Ginger

Dale's First Name Is...

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    Answer: Ralph

    Why Ralph? That's what you do all over your lap when you drive a car in circles at 190mph. 

O.J. Simpson

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    Who is he? NFL Hall-of-Famer, current inmate number 02648927 at the Lovelock Correctional Center.

    What's his first name?

    A. Octavian

    B. Bart

    C. Jeremy

    D. Orenthal

O.J.'S First Name Is...

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    Answer: Orenthal

    Why Orenthal? His aunt supposedly named him after a French actor

B.J. Penn

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    Who is he? Two-time, two-division Mixed Martial Arts champion

    What's his first name?

    A. William

    B. Bic

    C. Jay

    D. Buford

B.J.'s First Name Is...

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    Answer:  Jay

    Why B.J.? All the male members of his family are named Jay. He is the youngest, so he is "Baby Jay" or simply "B.J."

Manny Harris

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    Who is he? Former Wolverine star who had a short-lived NBA career. Currently with Team Azomash of Ukraine

    What's his first name?

    A. Emmanuel

    B. Ed

    C. Manfred

    D. Corperryale

Manny's First Name Is...

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    Answer:  Corperryale

    Why Corperryale? The Cor from his cousin Corrine, the perry from good old Uncle Perry, and the ale from his siblings, Janelle, Jerrelle and Al .

Roy Halladay

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    Who is he? Phillies pitching powerhouse, an eight-time All-Star selection

    What's his first name?

    A. Harry

    B. Doc

    C. Rooster

    D. Elroy

Roy's First Name Is...

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    Answer:  Harry

    Why Roy? Short for his middle name Leroy. Reportedly Halladay never responded to the name Harry. Literally. Not even on the first day of school when the teacher was taking roll call. 


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    Who is he? Arguably the greatest soccer player of all times. 

    What's his first name?

    A. Paulo

    B. Edson

    C. Lionel

    D. Tá Bom

Pelé's First Name Is...

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    Answer: Edson

    Why Pelé? A classmate came up with the nickname, which means "miracle" in Hebrew. Pelé hated the nickname—he even belted the classmate for coming up with it—but it stuck.

Eli Manning

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    Who is he? NY Giants' QB. Two-time Super Bowl champion and Tom Brady foiler

    What's his first name?

    A. Elijah

    B. Elisha

    C. Peyton

    D. Moose

Eli's First Name Is...

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    Answer: Elisha

    Why Eli? Maybe he wasn't into the whole Boy-Named-Sue approach to life.

P.K. Subban

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    Who is he? Norris-Trophy winning defenseman for the Montreal Canadians

    What's his first name?

    A. Patrice

    B. Pokémon

    C. Pierre

    D. Pernell

P.K.'s First Name Is...

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    Answer: Pernell

    Why P.K.? A big city hockey player might prefer to shake a moniker that means "country bumpkin." Plus, in online gaming, "pk" stands for "player kill." Not a bad phrase to be associated with as a hockey player, right?


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    Who is he? Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the Year winning midfielder. Currently playing with Real Madrid.

    What's his first name?

    A. Caca

    B. Kalimantan

    C. Ricardo

    D. Umbigo

Kaká's First Name Is...

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    Answer: Ricardo

    Why Kaká? The nickname came from his younger brother Digao, who couldn't pronounce "Ricardo."

Corey Hart

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    Who is he? Outfielder for the Brewers. A two-time All-Star selection.

    What's his first name?

    A. Cornelius

    B. Johnny

    C. Achy Breaky

    D. Linus

Corey's First Name Is...

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    Answer: Johnny

    Why Corey? Sure, it's his middle name. But I suspect he just wants to pay tribute to the righteous 80s crooner of the same name. 

Yogi Berra

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    Who is he? Arguably the greatest catcher in the history of baseball.

    What is his first name?

    A. Lawrence

    B. Kooka

    C. Boo-Boo

    D. Phillip

Yogi's First Name Is...

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    Answer: Lawrence

    Why Yogi? A friend came up with the name while watching a movie with an Indian snake charmer. He thought Berra resembled the guy.

P. T. Usha

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    Who is she? An all-time great of Indian athletics. Dubbed "Payyoli express" (Payyoli is her home village) and "golden girl."

    What is her first name?

    A. Pam

    B. Padmalochana

    C. Pilavullakandi

    D. Penny

P.T.'s First Name Is...

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    Answer: Pilavullakandi

    Why use initials? If 99.999 percent of the people outside your native region butchered the pronunciation of your name, you might go that way too.

Kimbo Slice

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    Who is he? Internet street fighting video star, MMA fighter, "professional" boxer

    What's his first name?

    A. Pizza

    B. Kimono

    C. Kevin

    D. Rodrigo

Kimbo's First Name Is...

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    Answer: Kevin (Last name is Ferguson)

    Why Kimbo Slice? Kimbo is a nickname from childhood. The Slice came from fans of his early internet fighting videos.

Chad Pennington

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    Who is he? Former QB for the Jets and Dolphins. Currently an NFL color analyst for Fox Sports.

    What's his first name?

    A. James

    B. Chadden

    C. Marshall

    D. Uno Cero

What's Chad's First Name?

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    Answer: James

    Why Chad? His middle name is Chadwick. One Jets' fan suggests Chad may have been trying to avoid being forever dubbed "J.C. Penny."

Albert Pujols

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    Who is he? The $260 million dollar man. After a storied career with the Cardinals he moved on to the Angels.

    What's his first name?

    A. José

    B. Ringo

    C. Aloisius

    D. Pumpkin

Albert's First Name Is..

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    Answer: José

    Why Albert? It's an Anglicized version of his middle name "Alberto."

Carl Lewis

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    Who is he? American track and field sensation. Winner of 10 Olympic medals (9 gold, 1 silver).

    What's his first name?

    A. Meriwether

    B. Louis

    C. Carlyle

    D. Franklin

Carl's First Name Is...

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    Answer: Franklin

    Why Carl? Comes from his middle name Carlton.

Hulk Hogan

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    Who is he? Generation-spanning professional wrestling icon.

    What's his first name?

    A. Bruce

    B. Terry

    C. Hunk

    D. Edward

Hulk's First Name Is...

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    Answer: Terry (last name is Bollea)

    Why Hulk Hogan? Wrestling promoter Vincent McMahon gave him the stage name in reference to The Incredible Hulk (Bollea was about 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighed about 303 pounds at the time).

Chaminda Vaas

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    Who is he? Sri Lankan cricket player. Considered "the most penetrative and successful new-ball bowler" to ever emerge from Sri Lanka.

    What's his first name?

    A. Warnakulasuriya

    B. Balamugunthan

    C. Chester

    D. Newton

Chaminda's First Name Is...

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    Answer: Warnakulasuriya

    Why Chaminda? It's near the tail end of his shopping-list-length full name:

    Warnakulasuriya Patabendige Ushantha Joseph Chaminda Vaas

Muggsy Bogues

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    Who is he? Former basketball star. At 5'3", the shortest person to ever play in the NBA.

    What's his first name?

    A. Bones

    B. Muggle

    C. Tyrone

    D. Evan

Muggsy's First Name Is...

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    Answer: Tyrone

    Why Muggsy? Bogues was an aggressive player who reportedly "manhandled" his opponents in a way reminiscent of a mugging.

Doc Rivers

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    Who is he? Former NBA player, current head coach of the Boston Celtics.

    What's his first name?

    A. Muddy

    B. Doctor

    C. Glenn

    D. Zachariah

Doc's First Name Is...

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    Answer: Glenn

    Why Doc? Marquette Coach Rick Majerus started calling him "Doc" after Rivers wore a T-shirt bearing the image of "Dr. J" (Julius Erving).

Boomer Esiason

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    Who is he? Former NFL QB, a four-time Pro Bowl selection. Currently an NFL analyst for CBS Sports.

    What's his first name?

    A. John

    B. Esau

    C. Norman

    D. Boom-boom

Boomer's First Name Is...

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    Answer: Norman

    Why Boomer? His mother gave him the name because he kicked so much in the womb.

B.J. Upton

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    Who is he? Center fielder currently with the Atlanta Braves

    What's his first name?

    A. Brian

    B. Melvin

    C. Bottoms

    D. Bijou

B.J.'s First Name Is...

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    Answer: Melvin

    Why B.J.? His father was known as "Bossman." Melvin became "Bossman Junior" or simply "B.J."

Coco Crisp

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    Who is he? MLB center fielder. A member of the 2007 Red Sox World Series champion squad. Currently with the Athletics.

    What's his first name?

    A. Covelli

    B. Cornelius

    C. Rice

    D. Raymondo

Coco's First Name Is...

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    Answer: Covelli

    Why Coco? His siblings gave him the name; they said he resembled one of the Snap, Crackle and Pop characters on a Cocoa Krispies cereal box.

Brad Hogg

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    Who is he? Australian cricket star. One of only 15 players to be part of a Cricket World Cup winning team more than once.

    What's his first name?

    A. Brayden

    B. Whole

    C. George

    D. Ozvaldo

Brad's First Name Is...

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    Answer: George

    Why Brad? It's short for his middle name "Bradley."

Matt Stafford

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    Who is he? Detroit Lions QB. The first pick of round 1 of the 2009 NFL Draft.

    What's his first name?

    A. Stiffler

    B. Edsel

    C. Clint

    D. John

Matt's First Name Is...

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    Answer: John

    Why Matt? His middle name is "Matthew." His father is named John as well, so the middle usage could have started to avoid confusion around the house.

Penny Hardaway

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    Who is he? Former NBA star. Four time NBA All-Star.

    What's his first name?

    A. Nickel

    B. Pennilious

    C. Anfernee

    D. Leonidas

Penny's First Name Is...

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    Answer: Anfernee

    Why Penny? If there is a nickname more emasculating than "Penny" it's "Pretty." Still, "Pretty" was what Hardaway's grandmother called him. Her southern drawl made it sound like "Penny."

Tito Ortiz

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    Who is he? Former MMA fighter. Holder of six UFC light heavyweight title records.

    What's his first name?

    A. Herman

    B. Jacob

    C. Chivito

    D. Ovidio

Tito's First Name Is...

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    Answer: Jacob

    Why Tito? The name means "tyrant." His father gave it to him when he was just one year old.

C. C. Sabathia

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    Who is he? Starting pitcher for the NY Yankees. Six-time All-Star selection.

    What's his first name?

    A. Carsten

    B. Carson

    C. Cecil

    D. Seymour

C.C.'s First Name Is...

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    Answer: Carsten

    Why C.C.? His middle name is "Charles." Carsten Charles. See see? Sí, sí. Good. Glad we cleared that up.

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