SEC Football: Power Ranking the Best Uniforms in the SEC

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIJune 17, 2013

SEC Football: Power Ranking the Best Uniforms in the SEC

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    Classic, vibrant color schemes make certain SEC schools present the best uniforms college football has to offer.

    Uniforms that both pay respect to the school's tradition and try to modernize its design to appeal to  student athletes are what it's all about.

    The definition of a great uniform is one that appeals to both younger and older generations; they bring back fond memories to the older fans and bring a combination of swagger and spirit to the younger ones.

    Look sharp, play sharp. Here's to power ranking the uniforms in the SEC.

14. Arkansas

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    Although Nike normally makes better uniforms than Adidas, Arkansas seemed to downgrade when it made the switch to Nike.

    Instead of wearing a clean red jersey with white pants and red stripes down the side, the Hogs now wear a red jersey with gray and white on the sleeves. Yuck.

    I think this whole deal with trying to make the sleeves fancy with tribal lettering on the side or lightning stripes of different shades of gray or white is downright ugly.

13. Missouri

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    Black uniforms...I'm a sucker for all of 'em. Well, almost all of them. Nice try, Missouri.

    Here's an example of how modernizing your uniform can go wrong. We all get what Missouri is doing here. The school is trying to design its jersey so that it looks cool and attracts kids in high school.

    Here's the problem with that—instead of making Missouri's uniforms look fresh with edgy fonts on the name and numbers, the Tigers made themselves look second rate to teams with the traditional look.

    The black and gold looks good. The fonts and design of both the pants and jersey do not.

12. South Carolina

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    Too many stripes.

    South Carolina's uniforms have so much potential. With the mixture of the school colors and logo of the Gamecock, there's no reason this team shouldn't have some of the best uniforms in the SEC.

    Unfortunately, Under Armour feels the need to add multiple stripes, including a few random ones on the back of the pants.

    The Gamecocks' black uniforms look good, minus the tribal gray on the shoulders, numbers and back of the pants. It is such a letdown.

11. Mississippi State

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    Mississippi State has some all-around solid uniforms.

    They are not over the top with any lines, not trying to employ anything ostentatious and most importantly, there is no tribal design involved.

    If one wanted to nitpick, the "State" in banner font is a little cheesy, but whatever, if that is their thing, let them rock it. 

    The problem lies within the colors. Jerseys should have one dominant color. Though the white adds a nice touch, maroon simply does not set it off. And because Mississippi State has never been a powerhouse, the lack of a traditional touch hurts as well.

10. Texas A&M

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    You will notice Texas A&M's design is a lot like Mississippi State's.

    What makes them better? Just look above the players' shoulders. Just like all black, a white helmet really looks good on the flat screen.

    When the Aggies wear maroon shirts, white pants and white helmets, they are dressed for success. 

    My only gripe comes when you look at the shoulder pads. The two white stripes are just unnecessary. Make it one bold stripe, will ya?

9. Kentucky

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    Remember all of my gripes about tribal and getting fancy? Though it is usually unattractive, Kentucky pulls it off quite well.

    The Wildcats rock a checkered shoulder, collar art (similar to Oregon) and tribal-esque stripes down the pants.

    The pattern on the sleeves is less noticeable because it is blue, the collar art is justifiable because Oregon made it trendy and the tribal is hidden well.

    It does not hurt that Kentucky's main colors are white and blue either.

8. Tennessee

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    Yeah, it is a bit gaudy, but Tennessee's uniforms standout like no other.

    It is hard to have orange and white as your colors and not come out looking like a Creamsicle. Being taken seriously might be a hurdle.

    However, someway, somehow, Tennessee pulled it off. The Volunteers' fanbase has accepted those colors and surround Neyland Stadium in a sea of orange.

    The Tennessee jerseys are classic with no over-the-top modern designs. It makes the orange and white not only bearable but embraceable. 

7. Florida

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    It is great to be a Florida Gator.

    Orange, blue and white might be the best color combination in the SEC. The Gators rock them quite well, most of the time.

    When Florida wears its blue jerseys, with white, blue or orange pants, the Gators look fantastic. However, when the Gators wear white with orange pants or orange jerseys with white pants it leaves much to be desired. 

    The Gators look their best when they wear all-blue, and though the Gators orange helmets look great, the white throwback ones are even more impressive. I say bring it back!

6. Georgia

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    Black and red is a mean combination.

    The two colors running alongside one another is arguably intimidating. A team nicknamed the Bulldogs with those colors can easily be seen as tenacious.

    While Georgia has overdone it in the past with its black helmets (They remind me of Grambling State University) and Power Ranger Nike Pro Combats, the Bulldogs get it right with the red on grey.

    The classic red helmets, dominant red jerseys with a Nike check on one side and SEC logo on the other, and grey pants with red, white and black stripes are fierce.

5. Auburn

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    Want to know how to modernize jerseys? Take notes from Auburn.

    Auburn gets it right with every uniform combination. First, they stay true to the traditional football jerseys by having one dominant color on the jersey with no tribal design.

    Next, they make it new it by adding some stripes in an unusual area, directly on the upper arm. The Tigers have a solid orange stripe right in between two less bold white stripes.

    In other words, they are not your classic stripes collapsed over the shoulder, and Auburn modernized its jersey without overdoing it with crazy designs (Take a hint Maryland).

4. Vanderbilt

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    Here are black jerseys done the right way.

    Because Vanderbilt's football program lacks the prestigious history of many other schools in the SEC, James Franklin and the Commodores can get away with creative uniforms much easier.

    Even with that freedom, Franklin decided to make it traditional and not go overboard with the modernizations, much like Auburn did.

    The Vanderbilt helmet goes well with every possible combination the Commodores have, and though it might be surprising, Vanderbilt has the best all-black uniforms in the SEC.

3. Ole Miss

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    An argument can be made for Ole Miss having the best uniforms in the SEC.

    The historical context is there, and the colors work magnificently together. Really there is not much to dislike.

    The navy on grey uniforms are flawless. The stripes, the font and the colors compliment each other, and it is a contemporary take on the old school uniforms. That's a recipe for success.

    What separates the top two teams from Ole Miss on this list are the helmets...

2. Alabama

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    Sometimes plain is better.

    Looking at Alabama's uniforms, there's nothing that will make you say, "Man, those are some sexy uniforms." But when you piece it all together, it is near perfection.

    For instance, the numbers on the helmet are a tribute to the legacy of Bear Bryant. In Alabama's rich history, teams that Bryant coached wore numbers on the helmet, and the decision to keep them there adds an unmatched classical touch.

    The rest of the uniform is much the same. The jerseys are solid crimson with bold, dominant white numbers joined by white pants that have two red stripes going down the sides. Like Penn State and Notre Dame, Alabama's uniforms are recognized by all generations.

1. LSU

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    It is no wonder why LSU wears its white jerseys for nearly every game of the year.

    You simply cannot beat LSU's white on yellow uniforms. It is a perfect mix of old school and new school, paired with a vibrant color scheme (purple and gold are complementary colors).

    The Tigers helmets improved with age. In 1972, the Tigers introduced the Tiger head on the helmet and in 1977, the Tigers applied its current logo on there. Obviously, LSU has made it look more clean and crisp as the years passed. With the shiny yellow helmet, Tiger head on the side and perfect LSU font right above it, it is hard to find a better helmet in college football.

    Moving down to the jerseys and pants, like Alabama, LSU is vintage and pays tribute to the older teams in school history. The colors, traditional design of the jerseys and marvelous helmets give the Tigers the best uniform in the SEC.