18 Athletes Who REALLY Hate Their Equipment

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJune 14, 2013

18 Athletes Who REALLY Hate Their Equipment

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    Sports brings out the best and worst of us all.

    We've all been known to celebrate the smallest of things, while agonizing over something that is impossible to believe, and if certain things in games don't frustrate you, then you aren't caring enough.

    But that frustration goes to a whole new level when athletes take out their anger on the poor equipment that has let them down.

    From breaking bats after a strikeout, to slamming a racket on the court, these are the athletes who really hate their equipment.

Chris Davis Doesn't "Knee-D" His Bat

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    Orioles first baseman Chris Davis is enjoying a breakout season thus far in 2013, finding himself sitting in the top-2 in average, homers and RBIs in the AL, so when he doesn't connect, he deems it his bats fault.

    OK, so maybe not all the time, but that was certainly the case here, when he struck out and made his bat look more like a twig by crushing it over his leg.

Bryant Reeves Brings Country Thunder

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    During the mid-90s, Oklahoma State center Bryant Reeves was considered to be one of the best big men in the country, helping lead his Cowboys to the 1995 Final Four, and then being selected No. 6 overall by the then Vancouver Grizzlies.

    Though OSU lost in the national semis, his backboard shattering slam in practice is still what's best remembered from the team's tourney run‚ and unfortunately for him, his career.

Matt Holliday Gets a Double-Whammy

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    It absolutely sucks striking out during a baseball game.

    Not only does it show that you got fooled by some off-speed stuff while sitting fastball, but you feel like you've let your team down—especially if runners are on base.

    Matt Holliday knew this too well, striking out at a garbage pitch, then splitting his bat in half by slamming it on the ground before spiking his helmet down too.

    Wonder where he would have vented his anger if he didn't have the bat and helmet?

Ken Norton Jr. Does Some Boxing

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    This one might be a little old school for some of you younger readers out there, but before Ken Norton Jr. held down his post as the current linebackers coach for the Seahawks, he was a pretty darn good 'backer for the Niners.

    His trademark?

    Giving the goal post padding some right and left jabs every once in awhile.

    Not sure he could give Money Mayweather a fight, but against that padding, he always came out on top.

Ian Woosnam 'Woses' It

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    Dammit, golf can be a frustrating game.

    You might have a great tee shot and approach, but once you get around the green and are dancing, you chip from one side to the other, three-putt and find yourself with a double-bogey.

    That may not have all happened here to Ian Woosnam during the 2001 British Open, but his reaction was about the same after finding out he had one too many clubs in his bag, costing him a two-shot penalty on the holes he had played.

    Way to go you dumbass caddy.

The Daily Grind as a Skateboarder

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    I'm not sure who this amateur skateboarder is, but I can tell you that as a former skater myself, there's nothing more frustrating than not landing a trick.

    Sometimes you need to just step back and compose yourself, while other times, you just need to let it all out.

    This guy decided to let it spill over, tossing his board a couple times, breaking the truck off and, right before tossing it over the wall, rethinking his decision as a cop strolls by.

    Sadly though, his board could not press charges.

Five Minute Major for Axing?

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    There are hockey fights and then there are hockey brawls.

    This one constitutes as the latter as one guy got chucked for breaking his wooden stick over an opponents head.

    Normally, guys take things out on their equipment because they gave up a goal or are frustrated at their own play.

    In this case, dude used it as a straight-up weapon—which is seriously scary as hell.

Roger Federer Causes a Racket

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    It's pretty rare to see Roger Federer lose it on the tennis court.

    Considering he's won the most Grand Slam singles titles of any male player in history, one wouldn't think Federer has much to be upset about.

    With all the success though comes expectations, and when he fails to live up to his own, his poor racket is the one to blame for it.

Brandon Jacobs Loses His Head (Kind Of)

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    After former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs was shown the pine during a blowout loss against the Colts a couple years ago, he didn't hide how mad he was for walking to the sideline instead of the huddle.

    Ripping his helmet off, he hurled the damn thing towards his own bench, holding onto it too long and having it soar into the stands.

    Luckily no one was injured, but Jacobs showed that even when he isn't carrying a football, he's a load to take down.

Wellman's World War

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    This one pretty much has it all.

    Though Braves minor league manager Phillip Wellman wasn't a player, he utilizes just about every piece of equipment possible to try and get his point across.

    First came the hat toss.

    Next was the kicking of the dirt to cover home plate.

    Then it was ripping out third base—and subsequently tossing it into center field.

    And lastly, our favorite move, the rosin bag grenades from the pitchers mound.

    Wellman's meltdown earned him a three-game suspension by the big-league club, but definitely provided years worth of laughter at the same time.

Tony Stewart Needs No Helmet

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    Tony Stewart is known around racing circles for being brash and ultra competitive.

    So when he got mad at Matt Kenseth for locking fenders with him as they rode each others cars towards the lead, causing a wreck that knocked Stewart from the race, he didn't hide his anger.

    Instead of calling out Kenseth in the media—as he does so often—Stewart thought his helmet should pay for Kenseth's mistake, heaving it at the passing car.

    He wasn't penalized for the move, but he easily could've been.

Sergio Garcia Loses Two

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    His current feud with Tiger Woods might be making headlines currently, but golfer Sergio Garcia has had numerous things happen to him in his career that have garnered attention.

    Take this video for instance.

    Not only does the Spaniard lose a ball to the water on his first shot, but when taking his second shot from the tee box, he leaves the ball short and to the left and helicopters his club into the water.

    Umm, does that count as a stroke too?

Marcos Baghdatis Goes Bag-Dangerous

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    There have been plenty of times tennis players slam a racket to the ground in frustration, blaming the poor piece of equipment for a bad shot.

    But current player Marcos Baghdatis didn't just get mad at one of his rackets, he took out his anger on the entire family, busting four of them in-between games.

    We really hope these things are supplied to him, otherwise he's just pissing away money.

Bryce Harper Slams It Home

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    Though he's hobbled right now, reigning NL Rookie of the Year Bryce Harper has proven to be a once in a generation player, having fans and media alike marvel at what he can do on the baseball field.

    One of those things was a little unexpected though, as he displayed just how strong he is when he split his bat by slamming it in frustration over home plate.

    Harper apologized for it, but really, dude should be boasting about that.

Shaquille O'Neal Brings the House Down

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    Shaquille O'Neal may not have been taking his anger out on the entire hoop during a game against the Nets back in 1993, but that doesn't mean he still didn't win the battle between man and equipment.

    After deflating a hoop during his rookie year in Phoenix, Shaq decided to just pulverize the entire thing the next time, literally making it look like a toy in a kid's room.

Chinese Hurdler Toughs Through

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    Let's all first admit that these hurdlers are by far the worst any of us have seen in history.

    Between the seven racers participating, it honestly seems like only one cleared more than two of the obstacles on the track.

    One competitor didn't even bother to attempt to jump the hurdles though, opting to just barrel-chest through them as if he was Iron Man or something.

    He also just so happens to be the smallest guy out there, which makes it a wee bit funnier.

Tracy McGrady's Coffin Corner

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    This was almost 10 years ago already—which really shows our age—but it hasn't lost a single chuckle from us.

    After former Magic All-Star Tracy McGrady got upset about the due diligence of the officiating crew, he went all Tim Howard and kicked the ball into the stands.

    Once the ball found its way back onto the court, T-Mac picked it up again, displaying his respect for NFL punters, going all Mitch Berger on the ball this time.

    Clearly, he was tossed from the game.

"Bo Knows" How to Break Bats

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    Bo Jackson may have been voted as the No. 1 athlete in a recent ESPN poll for his power, speed, agility and strength as a former MLB and NFL All-Star, but he showed just how powerful his head was during this ground out while playing for the Royals in 1989.

    He was known to break bats over his tree trunk-sized legs on occasion, but his head? That's using your noggin.