Eric Hosmer Enjoys Delicious Walk-off Single, Gets BBQ Treatment After Win

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Eric Hosmer's walk-off hit was a culinary delight. 

The Kansas City Royals pulled off an exciting, extra-inning win with the help of a hit from Hosmer in the 10th inning. 

Of course, such a moment deserves the shaving cream treatment renowned around the big leagues. As you can see in the video, the Royals have their own special recipe for postgame celebrations. 

Tom Ley of Deadspin reports the sauce used to cover Hosmer's face is a special brand that is bringing the ballclub some luck at the moment. 

This was Hit-It-A-Ton barbecue sauce, a new brand that is endorsed by Royals designated hitter Billy Butler. A shipment of the sauce was recently delivered to the Royals' clubhouse, and the players have been treating it like a good-luck charm ever since.

It might be working, because the Royals have seven wins in the last eight games. Even Hosmer is enjoying resurgence. 

According to ESPN, the Royals' first baseman is hitting .385 over the last seven days; his most important was this timely base knock to get the Royals over the AL Central-leading Tigers. 

Somehow, this makes perfect sense. Anytime you are caught with a bunch of barbecue sauce on your face, chances are you just had a great time, if not a wonderful meal. 

Now we know having sticky barbecue sauce all over your face is a badge of honor, relegated to only the most heroic of sports feats. 

If we could somehow shed a better light on food stains all over my T-shirt, I would be all set. 

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