Stock Up, Stock Down for Top 20 NBA Prospects Mid-June

Jonathan Wasserman@@NBADraftWassNBA Lead WriterJune 13, 2013

Stock Up, Stock Down for Top 20 NBA Prospects Mid-June

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    Many of the 2013 NBA draft prospects are waking up in a different city every night of the week. 

    Workouts are conducted daily—some head-to-head, some individual. For many teams, these workouts will determine their selections. 

    But what makes this such a unique draft is that three major prospects are on the shelf with injuries, including the consensus top-two big men. 

    However, only one of these players' stock is being negatively affected. And ironically, if that one player gets passed on even once, it could shake up the entire lottery. 

20. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Greece, 6'9'', SF

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    Stock Report: ⬆

    Giannis Antetokounmpo played with the Greek Under-20 team just a short drive away from the Eurocamp site in Italy. And the scouts followed. 

    Dozens of NBA coaches were able to see Antetokounmpo up close and personal against competition much stronger than what he's been playing against in Greece. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

    He went for 17 points and five boards in a loss to Turkey, showcasing his unique two-way package. 

    Antetokounmpo is a legit 6'9'' wing who can handle the ball and create like a point guard. You probably have another two to three years before you have to learn how to pronounce his name, though. I'm just speculating, but I'd say he stays overseas for at least another year. 

19. Sergey Karasev, Russia, 6'7'', SF

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    Stock Report: ⬆

    Sergey Karasev retreated back to Russia after working out in front of dozens of coaches in Vegas. 

    It's unclear whether he has a promise, although I can't think of any other reason for shutting himself down.

    Karasev is one of the safer picks in this draft, thanks to a sweet jumper and high basketball IQ. His stock has been up since the Nike Hoops Summit, and he appears to have solidified himself as a first-round prospect. 

    Milwaukee at No. 15 and Cleveland at No. 19 seem like plausible options.

18. Shane Larkin, Miami, 5'11'', PG

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    Stock Report: ⬆

    According to Mike Sorensen of Deseret NewsShane Larkin turned heads at a workout in Utah last week, making him a strong candidate for Utah at No. 14 overall.

    Larkin makes sense for the Jazz thanks to a number of reasons, as long as Trey Burke and Michael Carter-Williams are both off the board.

    He's the top athlete amongst the point guards, while his ability to run the pick-and-roll should translate to half-court NBA basketball. There won't be too many teams in the market for a point guard from Minnesota at No. 9 to Oklahoma City at No. 12, but Larkin should be fair game starting at No. 13.

17. Kelly Olynyk, Gonzaga, 7'0'', C

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    Stock Report: 

    Kelly Olynyk has now worked out with Oklahoma City, Philadelphia and Portland—three teams that could all be in the market for a big man. 

    Oklahoma City and Philadelphia will likely be deciding between Cody Zeller, Steven Adams and possibly Lucas Nogueira. In comparison, Olynyk lacks their upsides. 

    Still, he's a safer bet given his feel for the game, advanced offensive skill set, and potentially deadly jumper. I'd say he'll make a similar impact in the pros as Spencer Hawes has so far.

16. Jamaal Franklin, San Diego State, 6'5'', SF

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    Stock Report: ↔

    Jamaal Franklin is back on the floor without limitations after a severe ankle sprain kept him from working out in full. 

    He auditioned for the New York Knicks earlier this week, and according to ESPN's Chad Ford (subscription required), he'll be visiting Boston and Brooklyn. 

    Franklin does so many things well yet nothing in particular that might stand out in a workout setting. Whoever lands him will be getting great bang for the buck assuming he's not a top-10 pick. 

    Both Boston and Atlanta make sense in the mid-first round.

15. Mason Plumlee, Duke, 7'0'', C

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    Stock Report: ⬇

    Mason Plumlee worked out for Oklahoma City and Philadelphia, two teams in need of an athletic center. The question is whether or not they would take him over someone like Cody Zeller or Steven Adams. 

    Plumlee recently worked out for Boston, which could be another option if he gets past the Thunder at No. 12. 

    There's a lot to like about Plumlee, but at 23 years old, there's not much to love. He's a potential candidate to slide on draft day.

14. Dennis Schroeder, Germany, 6'2'', PG

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    Stock Report: ⬇

    ESPN's Chad Ford reported (subscription required) last week that Dennis Schroeder had been somewhat disappointing during recent workouts, with one scout saying, "He looked frustrated."

    I can't imagine a poor workout would be enough to completely turn teams off, but it might not have been enough to turn them on if they were undecided. 

    Utah at No. 14 will likely have to decide whether to go with Schroeder or Shane Larkin. If the Jazz go with Larkin, Schroeder is a potential option for the Bucks at No. 15, Celtics at No. 16 and Hawks at No. 17 and No. 18.

13. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Georgia, 6'6'', SG

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    Stock Report: ⬆

    Kentavious Caldwell-Pope seems in play for every team after Minnesota at No. 9, which was one of the first teams that worked him out. 

    He also worked out for Portland and Chicago, but he's unlikely to be there at No. 20 overall. Caldwell-Pope worked out for Boston on Thursday as well. 

    His name should be hot until draft day with a number of teams interested. He could end up looking like last year's Terrence Ross, who sneaked into the top 10.

12. Shabazz Muhammad, UCLA, 6'6'', SF

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    Stock Report: ⬆

    Shabazz Muhammad is coming off a workout in Sacramento that apparently went well.

    Though some consider Muhammad a guy who carries extra baggage, teams are pleasantly finding out about his strong work ethic, competitiveness and motor. 

    At 6'6'', he's a physically imposing athlete with a soft touch on the perimeter. The Kings tend to ignore public skepticism on draft day (think Jimmer Fredette) and prefer to gamble on the splash. It wouldn't be a surprise if they felt Muhammad was being undervalued and decided to grab him at No. 7.

11. Steven Adams, Pittsburgh, 7'0'', C

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    Stock Report: ↔

    Steven Adams is fresh off a workout in Minnesota after working out for Boston, Philadelphia, Utah and Oklahoma City. 

    Every team in that No. 10-20 range could use a big man, which is the range that Adams projects to fall in. 

    Adams remains one of the longer-term projects in the field, though one with unmatchable physical tools and a high NBA ceiling.

10. C.J. McCollum, Lehigh, 6'3'', PG/SG

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    Stock Report: ⬆

    C.J. McCollum worked out individually in Portland on Monday with owner Paul Allen and the entire front office watching, according to Joe Freeman of The Oregonian.

    He certainly has everyone's attention. It seems that every team from Phoenix at No. 5 to Portland at No. 10 is in play.

    McCollum has become that can't-miss mid-major stud in the same way that Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard were in their respective drafts. 

    The fact that he's a bright, high-character individual only sweetens the package he has to offer as a dynamic scoring combo guard. 

9. Michael Carter-Williams, Syracuse, 6'6'', PG

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    Stock Report: ↔

    Michael Carter-Williams recently worked out with C.J. McCollum in Sacramento. It's significant considering both of them should get a look by the Kings at No. 7 overall.

    Teams love Carter-Williams' upside. At 6'6'', he's an excellent athlete yet maintains the pass-first playmaking abilities a team wants from a floor general. A point guard-hungry team that likes to live dangerously might consider taking Carter-Williams over Burke in the lottery. 

    If Burke and Carter-Williams are both on the board at No. 7, Sacramento will have an interesting decision to make. 

8. Cody Zeller, Indiana, 7'0'', PF/C

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    Stock Report: ↔

    Cody Zeller is coming off recent workouts with Sacramento and Minnesota and has already worked out for Oklahoma City, Phoenix and Portland. 

    That's pretty much the range we expect him to go. Teams seem to be more enamored with Alex Len's upside than Zeller's current game, which is far more advanced at the moment. 

    I think Zeller is shaping up to be one of the better value picks in this draft, especially if he slips past Minnesota at No. 9. 

    It would be hard to imagine he lasts past Oklahoma City at No. 12.

7. Anthony Bennett, UNLV, 6'7'', SF/PF

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    Stock Report: ↔

    Anthony Bennett is stuck talking to teams instead of working out for them, which is unfortunate given his athleticism.

    According to Brandon Parker of The Washington Post, he recently met with the Wizards, which will be in play at No. 3 overall. 

    Bennett remains one of the higher-risk, higher-reward options in the draft. If he can exploit his strengths as a versatile mismatch instead of getting exposed as a tweener, we could be talking about one of the few potential All-Stars in this field. 

    The Bobcats, Suns, Hornets, Kings and Pistons would all makes sense as suitors. There's no way Portland gets a crack at him at 10th.

6. Victor Oladipo, Indiana, 6'5'', SG

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    Stock Report: ⬆

    Victor Oladipo worked out for Phoenix this past week, a suitor at No. 5 overall. At this point, the Suns would probably throw a party if Oladipo were around for their pick.

    Teams love what he brings to the table in terms of energy and athleticism. In comparison to the field, Oladipo is as safe as it comes.

    Trade discussions will be going on up and through draft day, with the focus from teams likely being on Oladipo as a target.

5. Alex Len, Maryland, 7'1'', C

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    Stock Report: ⬆

    Despite wearing a boot and walking on crutches, Alex Len is seeing his stock rise. 

    This is what happens when the field of talent is weak. 

    With so few challengers and too many questions, Len might be one of the better top-10 gambles. We saw Len outplay Nerlens Noel (23 points, 12 rebounds) in Brooklyn earlier in the season. During limited stretches throughout the year, he showed what he is capable of doing offensively. 

    ESPN's Chad Ford reported (subscription required) that the Cavs will give him a look at No. 1, while the Bobcats, Suns and Hornets are also interested. 

4. Otto Porter, Georgetown, 6'8'', SF

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    Stock Report: ↔

    Otto Porter still hasn't worked out for anybody yet but has scheduled a visit with Washington, which picks at No. 3.

    According to Rick Bonnell of, Porter will only work out for Cleveland, Orlando and Washington, which his agent confirmed. 

    Given the certainty that Porter offers in an uncertain draft, he will get strong consideration from both Cleveland and Washington, two teams in need of a wing. 

    It would be hard to imagine Porter slipping past No. 3, but that could change if Nerlens Noel doesn't go No. 1.

3. Trey Burke, Michigan, 6'1'', PG

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    Stock Report: ⬇

    Until Orlando hints it's interested in Trey Burke, his stock will remain lower than it was early in April. 

    Burke has refused to work out with other prospects, a decision typically made by the agent. All of his workouts have been done individually, as opposed to going up against guys like Michael Carter-Williams and Shane Larkin. 

    Players do this due to the fear of being exposed. Burke wouldn't want one bad workout against Carter-Williams to make teams flip-flop them on their boards. 

    I'm just not sure it's the right move given the criticism Burke has received over his athletic limitations. 

    Either way, it's appearing more and more likely he'll be there for New Orleans at No. 6. With potentially Anthony Bennett or Alex Len on the board, it will be interesting to see what direction the Pelicans go in.

2. Nerlens Noel, Kentucky, 6'11'', C

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    Stock Report: ⬇

    The latest rumor from Bob Finnan of The News-Herald has teams more concerned with Nerlens Noel's knee after learning he fractured a growth plate as a sophomore in high school. 

    Between the health concerns, his inability to contribute in 2013, the weight issues (206 pounds at the combine) and offensive limitations, he has just too much uncertainty.

    Then again, if he regains full strength and stays on the floor, we could be looking at a possible game-changer given the defensive impact he's capable of making. 

    But with so many ifs, Noel might be loosing his grip as the top prospect in the country. You have to ask yourself—is all this risk work the potential reward?

    We'll know in about 2016.

1. Ben McLemore, Kansas, 6'5'', SG

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    Stock Report: ⬆

    With too many questions for comfort surrounding Nerlens Noel, Ben McLemore has moved up our rankings into the No. 1 spot. 

    Technically, if Noel's stock dips, someone like McLemore gets a boost.

    McLemore is also likely to have more suitors than Noel on the trade market. If a team like Minnesota or Indiana is interested in swapping spots with Cleveland, chances are McLemore will be the target. 

    Without any real red flags to report with regard to McLemore's transition, he's a safer bet than Noel and possesses a similarly high ceiling. 

    The only question would be whether or not he could work alongside Dion Waiters. But if the Cavs feel that McLemore offers the most favorable risk-to-reward ratio, they'll go with him regardless of who's currently on the roster.