Papa John's Twitter Asks Fans if Pittsburgh Penguins Will Win Stanley Cup

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJune 13, 2013

Image via @PapaJohns
Image via @PapaJohns

Most of us have a lot on our plate—papers to read, emails to send and Candy Crush to play in between spurts of productivity.

But some people have one job—a single, solitary task they’re asked to complete all the time, every time. 

In this case, that one job belonged to a person in charge of the Papa John’s Twitter account, who somehow managed to get the name of the teams competing in the Stanley Cup Final wrong, via Chris Partlow of NextImpulseSports.

Now, getting stuff wrong on the Internet is so prevalent it's almost a sport in itself—and it’s probably safe to assume this individual had other things going on—but when you’re asking fans of an entire sport who is going to win the league championship, please give them options that dwell in the realm of possibility.

If you cannot do that, you’ll sound like you don’t know who’s winning the match. 

Users quickly alerted Papa John’s to its mistake, and the tweet was deleted.

So the account managed to save it, but there are different kinds of “saves” out there. 

There’s the Corey Crawford save, which involves insane glove reactions and the groin pliability of a 12-year-old gymnast. 

Then, there was the Papa John’s save, which moved at a far slower speed and would have let slip a game-ending goal had it been a hockey goalie. 

With that being said, Papa John’s Twitter person should not despair. We all have brain farts, and this one wasn’t even in the same ballpark of badness as the error made by Yahoo!, who asked if fans thought the Lakers had a shot at bringing home Lord Stanley.

Chin up, bud. Things could be worse. You could be the Penguins or the Lakers.