6 Reasons Why Wayne Rooney Would Thrive at PSG

Jonathan Johnson@@Jon_LeGossipFeatured ColumnistJune 13, 2013

6 Reasons Why Wayne Rooney Would Thrive at PSG

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    With so much uncertainty surrounding Paris Saint-Germain at present, it is hard to distinguish the most realistic transfer rumours from the more outlandish ones.

    A story that has continued to gather momentum over the past few months, though, is that of Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney joining the French champions.

    PSG and Brazil captain Thiago Silva is the latest player to have added his voice to the list of those who believe the Englishman would be an excellent addition to the Ligue 1 outfit, via ESPN FC, but the club’s managerial stalemate means no deal can be launched until a new boss is named.

    With current coach Carlo Ancelotti no closer to leaving or staying at the club, any potential move is still some way off.

    Reports emerged in France at the start of the month that PSG are prepared to do whatever it takes to land Rooney, per ESPN FC.

    After those claims, the chances of him being a member of the defending champions’ squad on the first day of the season in Montpellier in August have now increased.

    Here are six reasons why he’d thrive in Paris.

PSG Need a Striker

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    Firstly, whoever takes over at the Parc des Princes, or for that matter if Ancelotti stays, the capital club need a new striker.

    Currently Zlatan Ibrahimovic is deployed alongside a makeshift striker in the form of Ezequiel Lavezzi, Jeremy Menez or to a lesser extent Lucas Moura.

    A player of Rooney’s calibre would immediately take that position and make it his own.

    The problem with that, and a potential pairing of the England international and Ibrahimovic, is that they are both similar sorts of players in that they like to drop deep.

    One of the players would have to accept playing as an out-and-out striker, and Rooney is the most likely candidate for that.

    The Swede, as we have seen in Europe particularly, has become better rounded with age.

    He has taken on a role more similar to that of a No. 10 despite his impressive first-season strike rate.

Less Pressure

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    At Manchester United, Rooney is seen as one of the club’s treasures.

    While that works in his favour when things are going well, as we have seen with Ibrahimovic at PSG this season it can also be a hindrance when the team underperforms.

    Rooney at times is seen as a scapegoat when Manchester United are not at their peak, but this is not entirely his fault. He is played in an altered role, and because of that he is no longer the team's main source of goals.

    Since the arrival of Robin Van Persie, he has been asked to adapt to a new position and to accept that he is no longer the team’s key player.

    That has made it easier for people to criticise the former Everton player.

    Like with any modern footballer, Rooney will have grown tiresome of these criticisms and PSG will offer him a chance to move out of the high-pressure environment he is in at Old Trafford.

    Moving to Paris does not mean that there is less pressure attached to playing for PSG. Far from it.

    But in the UK, Rooney, as the most talented English player of his generation, comes in for increased scrutiny because of England’s lack of success at international level.

    The constant over-hyping of young domestic talents who are constantly compared to his benchmark is a result of his achievements at the start of his career, but have also contributed toward its stagnation in recent months.

Quality Service

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    At Manchester United, Rooney has grown accustomed to some of the finest service known to any strikers in football.

    The creativity in the PSG ranks is by no means less than that currently on offer at United and perhaps with a player of Rooney’s calibre alongside Ibrahimovic, the goalscoring burden will be better shared.

    At times Ibrahimovic’s first season was been difficult for the Swede because of the capital club’s inability to find the net without him on the pitch.

    With Rooney alongside him, both will be empowered because the weight of expectation will be more evenly split.

    If the pair can approach matches with less pressure on them to score the goals that will see PSG challenging domestically and in Europe, then the team will surely become more prolific.

Rooney ‘the New Scholes’?

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    Toward the end of Ferguson’s time at Old Trafford, Rooney was being used almost as a midfielder and was even deployed there alongside Michael Carrick in a match against Stoke City.

    With the club struggling to find a long-term replacement for Paul Scholes, Ferguson likely saw the 27-year-old as the best option.

    Whether or not new boss David Moyes will feel the same remains to be seen.

    However, Rooney will almost certainly not be happy being groomed into a midfielder when he still considers himself very much an attacking threat.

    At PSG he would not be considered a midfielder, there is already a lot of competition for places in the middle of the park as it is.

    This would suit Rooney more than being seen as a square peg to fill round holes at Old Trafford.

PSG’s Questionable Team Chemistry

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    One of the biggest downfalls of PSG since they were taken over by Qatar Sports Investments is that despite all of their star signings and big-money transfers, they have yet to forge genuine team chemistry.

    The French champions are essentially a team of highly talented individuals but often come up short when it is a question of team ethic.

    An over-reliance on Ibrahimovic’s goals for one demonstrates that PSG are still yet to reach the peak of their collective powers, but to do that they need players who will work for the team.

    Rooney can do that.

    Although he is capable of individual brilliance, the Englishman will also play for the collective cause and that is something that, at present, PSG do not have enough of.


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    Finally, the possibility of joining a team like PSG offers Rooney the chance to reinvent himself.

    Having stalled in his progress over the past 12 months or so, it has long been thought that the 83-times capped forward needs to develop his game further, via the Mail.

    Joining PSG would mean that Rooney had to prove himself all over again concentrate on adapting his game to his new surroundings as well as learning a new culture.

    The mixture of those three things would see a more focused and concentrated player and Rooney would likely get back to his raw, unhinged best.