What The Rome Trophy Presentation Taught Us

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What The Rome Trophy Presentation Taught Us
(Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Rome itself taught us many things this year. Rafael Nadal is well on his way to completing a clay sweep, and while Djokovic is giving Nadal a good battle on the surface, he is still far from good enough to beat Nadal at Roland Garros.

But the moment that stuck out in my mind the most was not Nadal's win, or Djokovic's crumbling in the second set. Instead, it was the light-hearted trophy presentation at the end. It proved that injecting a little humor into a sport that takes itself so seriously is a good thing.

It also showed that despite Djokovic's equal mixture of shyness, tantrums, and brashness, he also can charm an audience.

Once again, Djokovic did an impersonation of Rafa, but this time he was encouraged by the presentation announcer and the crowd. With Nadal's polite and happy consent, Djokovic made us all chuckle and showed that when he is not griping and complaining, he can be someone you really would like to root for.

It was simply, a nice scene to witness. Rafa looked like he really enjoyed it, and I know everyone in the crowd did as well. Let's see more of this Novak Djokovic.  If we did, his reputation would be vastly better.

His personality and mood today certainly were.

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