Update on Christian's Return to WWE

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJune 12, 2013

Christian in 2012 (from WWE.com)
Christian in 2012 (from WWE.com)

Just where is Christian?

He's been off television for almost a year now—his last appearance was in July 2012 when he lost to The Miz in a fantastic match on SmackDown.

The Canadian star has been dealing with various injuries over the past two years—it seems all those hard-hitting and grueling TLC tag team matches during the Attitude Era may have taken their toll—but per reports, has been ready to return for a while now. It seems WWE's creative team just doesn't know what do with him.

This may not be a surprise. While the wrestler is undeniably talented, the company has always appeared reluctant to go all the way with him. Even during his run as World Heavyweight champion, he came off as an afterthought for a great deal of the time. 

In this week's (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reports that the star's return may be imminent:    

Speaking of Christian, there was talk this week about finding a storyline to get him back going. He’ll be back as soon as they come up with one, and I’m told coming up with one has been put somewhat on the priority list.

Hopefully WWE puts some thought into it and comes up with a good plan to reintroduce the wrestler back to audiences.

While he probably won't return to the World Championship picture, the company can surely find some useful role for him—he's far too good a talent to just sit on the sidelines doing nothing.

Maybe he can come back as a heel and feud with Miz. Their feud never really was settled. A renewed program with Randy Ortonwith whom he has fantastic chemistry with in the ring—would be a great idea, too.