Manny Pacquiao should retire with pride, health intact

dragonslayerGHCorrespondent IMay 3, 2009

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao should consider some well-meaning advice: Retire now and enjoy the fruits of your hard-earned labor.

Very few boxers in the world who have reached such dizzying heights of boxing success lived to enjoy the later stages of life. Not Mike Tyson, not Muhammad Ali, not Rocky Marciano.

Rocky Balboa may have enjoyed his life post-retirement, but few real-life counterparts can make the same claim.

Oscar De La Hoya made the right decision when he retired. Though a bit late, he can still enjoy the fruits of his labor. But head trauma is a known contributor to the onset of Parkinson's disease. God forbid De La Hoya should suffer from what Ali has had to experience.

Trainer Freddie Roach knows of such dangers too well; he stopped the Gerry Penalosa fight when it was clear that his ward was already taking a very dangerous beating. He did not want Penalosa to take that risk.   

Roach should advise Manny Pacquiao to retire now from boxing and live well the rest of his life. He should also think of retiring himself, now that he had made his point to his good friend Floyd Mayweather Sr.

And just as Pacquiao should heed the advise of his father figure Freddie Roach, he should follow the advice of his family: Do not enter politics. It will not only drain your resources, it will also leave you disappointed and bitter.

If you want to help your countrymen, you can better serve this calling by setting up a foundation where you could successfully channel your plans and energies.

In the end, it will be Pacquiao's call. But one thing is sure: He must make his decision now before it's too late.

But before you make that decision, go visit the Queen of England. We are sure the English fans shall welcome you with open arms. Because you have proven yourself a gentleman away from the ring. And visiting the Queen of England shall be a dream come true, not only for you, but for the rest of your Filipino fans.  

Cheers and Mabuhay!