15 Athletes Who Make Less Than Their WAGs

Jessica MarieCorrespondent IIJune 13, 2013

15 Athletes Who Make Less Than Their WAGs

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    Some people like to claim that guys are intimidated by women who are more successful than they are. 

    Obviously, that tenet doesn't apply to these select few. 

    It helps that all of their wives and girlfriends are famous. And beautiful. And desired. But whatever the case, this group falls into an exclusive—and rare—subset of dudes who aren't afraid of making less money than their wives. 

    We are about to delve into a special group of people who, up to this point, have earned less than their WAGs—or have just recently acquiesced 'Primary Breadwinner Status' to the WAG due to retirement. 

    Not that these guys were ever strapped for cash. After all, they were (or still are) professional athletes. But when you can accept the nice little security blanket provided by your lady, more power to you.  

    All salary information provided by CelebrityNetWorth.com unless otherwise noted.

Jason Sehorn

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    Jason Sehorn put together a nice little nine-year NFL career, and though he started a full 16 games only once, everyone still seems to know his name. 

    Perhaps that's because of Angie Harmon. 

    Sehorn famously proposed to her live on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, then married her in 2001. It's been sunshine and rainbows ever since—for her, at least. 

    Sehorn's NFL career came to an end in 2003, and though he's still managed to support himself with guest appearances on TV shows and a position as the director of communications at Sonic Automotive, Harmon is the true breadwinner in the family. The model and actress made a name for herself on Baywatch Nights, Law & Order and Rizzoli & Isles.

    Now that Sehorn is retired—and has been for a decade—she definitely makes more than he does. 

Andy Roddick

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    During his glory days, Andy Roddick was certainly a top earner. He was America's new great (male) hope for tennis. He was good-looking. He was funny. He was the total package, and even when he wasn't winning (which was a frequent occurrence post-2003), he was still raking in cash through endorsement deals. 

    Now that he's retired, however, he may have to lean a little more heavily on wife Brooklyn Decker. 

    Fortunately for him, that shouldn't be a problem. Decker can hold her own. Not only was she one of the top swimsuit models in the world before Kate Upton usurped her, but she has managed to successfully transition from modeling into acting, with appearances in epic tales such as Battleship, Just Go With It and What to Expect When You're Expecting

    Plus, she's only 26, so she still has many more movies left in her system. 

Daniel Gibson

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    Who is Daniel Gibson? We, as sports fans, know he is a former second-round draft pick and a Cavalier with a hilarious nickname. 

    But non-sports fans don't know that. They probably do know, however, who Keyshia Cole is. Not only is she the female voice behind this epic jam, but she is a successful R&B artist with three platinum albums. She also starred in a documentary series on BET from 2006-08, which certainly helped to bump up those record sales. 

    Cole and Gibson started dating in 2009 and got married in 2011, after the birth of their first child. Though Gibson made nearly $4.5 million in 2012 and is only 27, it's nice that he always has a solid little nest egg to fall back on, courtesy of Cole, in case he gets injured or something. 

Gerard Pique

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    Gerard Pique was a moderately successful professional soccer player pre-2012. Now, though, he's a worldwide celebrity. And he can thank Shakira, his new baby mama. 

    The FC Barcelona defender has been playing professionally since 2004, and it has earned him a salary that pays just under $4 million per year. 

    But that's nothing compared to what Shakira has raked in over the years. That's what happens when you release your first album at the age of 18 and you're still going strong almost 20 years later. 

    Not only has Shakira sold 70 million albums over the course of her career, but her first English single was the best-selling single of 2002. And she's now supplementing that income with a guest spot as a coach on The Voice

Lamar Odom

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    What happens when you marry into the Kardashian Empire? They will always have more money than you, no matter who you are. 

    It may not all belong to Khloe, but her family—mostly due to the exploits of sister Kim—is currently worth an estimated $80 million. The late Robert Kardashian reportedly left his family a $100 million estate, and Kris Kardashian's current husband, Bruce Jenner, is worth another $100 million, according to the Huffington Post

    To her credit, Khloe has contributed with starring roles on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and a short-lived hosting spot on The X-Factor, plus endorsements. 

    So while Odom may be worth around $56 million total, he's got nothing on Khloe, who filed for divorce in December of 2013. 

Mike Comrie

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    When Mike Comrie finally convinced Lizzie McGuire to marry him, it meant one thing: He could finally retire. 

    No, just kidding. Comrie kept playing for about a year after he and Hilary Duff tied the knot. Not that he needed to—the days of the Disney Channel's best show ever have long been forgotten, but Duff has still managed to stay in the limelight. 

    Part of it is due to her baby, born in 2012, and the attention that always accompanies the Hollywood Bump Watch. Another part of it is due to a semi-successful stint as Lonely Boy's love interest on Gossip Girl. And most importantly, she'll be raking in the royalties from the Laguna Beach theme song for years to come. 

    With a net worth of $25 million, her cash flow far exceeds that of Comrie ($5 million over parts of 10 years in the league). As of 2014, this couple may be no more, but it will forever remain an example of why it pays way better to be a Disney star than an NHL journeyman. 

Marko Jaric

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    Talk about out-kicking your coverage.

    Marko Jaric, who was pick in the second round of the 2002 NBA draft by Los Angeles, spent several years playing professional basketball in America before taking his talents abroad to Spain and Italy. 

    His wife, however, is very well known here in the U.S.: Adriana Lima is a Brazilian supermodel and perhaps one of the most famous Victoria's Secret Angels, as well as a Maybelline spokesperson. 

    Lima may not have reached Gisele status, but on the Forbes top-earning model list, she rests comfortably in fourth with a $7.3 million-a-year paycheck. 

    On the other hand, Jaric—whom she married on Valentine's Day in 2009—made about $6.6 million in his final NBA season. 

Eric Johnson

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    Eric Johnson has a pretty good deal going for him. He couldn't make it in the NFL and thus couldn't reap the salary benefits that come with being a professional tight end. So, instead, he married a dumb yet successful pop star and gets to reap those benefits now.

    All he had to do was help to produce a couple of kids. 

    Jessica Simpson sort of downgraded—okay, majorly downgraded—from Tony Romo; but hey, she seems happy. Clearly, it doesn't bother her that her fiancee is no longer a professional athlete. She also doesn't seem to care that he was married when they met. 

    Most importantly, she doesn't seem to care that she's bankrolling him with the $100 million she's earned through album sales, The Newlyweds, another really bad reality show called Fashion Star and shoe sales. 

    Whatever floats your boat, Jess. 

Mike Fisher

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    Mike Fisher is okay at hockey, but most of us probably wouldn't know or care who he is if he wasn't married to the current queen of country music. 

    Carrie Underwood is one of the rare and special American Idol alums who has managed to leverage her popularity into a legitimate music career. More than legitimate, actually: The Season 4 winner has reeled in six Grammy awards, has released 12 No. 1 singles and has sold 15 million albums worldwide. 

    That has translated into a net worth of about $45 million (and counting). Fisher, on the other hand, has done pretty well throughout his 13-year NHL career with the Ottawa Senators and Nashville Predators, amassing about $30 million ($1.2 of which he spent on her engagement ring). 

    But it must be nice for him to know that when he retires, he'll be just fine. Carrie isn't going anywhere anytime soon. 

Tim Hasselbeck

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    Elisabeth Hasselbeck may be one of the most annoying people on TV, but still, she's done pretty well for herself. 

    The outspoken Republican and The View co-host first made a name for herself as a cast member on Survivor: The Australian Outback. But it's her work on the morning talk show that has made her a household name—that, and her unwavering faith in George W. Bush and in anything the Internet says. 

    Even if she does end up leaving The View, she probably won't have a hard time finding work. There's always Fox News. Or, she could write another book about being gluten-free. 

    Tim, on the other hand, will never return to the football field. He spent just four seasons in the NFL, started a grand total of five games and will forever pale in comparison to his dad, his brother and his wife. 

Tito Ortiz

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    Maybe the reason this love affair for the ages didn't last is because Tito Ortiz just couldn't handle not being the primary breadwinner. 

    Or maybe he just had some concerns about his ex-lady's line of work. 

    The MMA fighter began dating Queen of Porn Jenna Jameson after they met on MySpace in 2006—and isn't that how all lasting relationships begin? Their relationship was torrid and intense, but it couldn't last. At the beginning of their union, Ortiz was under the impression that Jameson was no longer acting in adult films and was perhaps also under the impression that she was single. 

    In fact, she was married, but she divorced husband Jay Grdina in favor of Ortiz. 

    Sadly, the relationship wasn't strong enough to last much longer after Jameson gave birth to twin boys. But now at least she doesn't have to share her $30 million with him. 

Cutter Dykstra

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    Who is Cutter Dykstra, you may ask? Oh, just the son of Lenny Dykstra and, more importantly, a minor league baseball player who impregnated Meadow Soprano

    The elder Dykstra is infamous for his financial woes, and hopefully his son doesn't follow in his footsteps. It definitely helps that he's having a child with an actress worth $25 million. 

    Sigler—whose biggest claim to fame is her role on the best television show of all time, but who also dated Turtle and was on the short-lived Guys With Kids—and Dykstra are now expecting their first child.

    She is infinitely more successful than her betrothed, who was selected in the second round of the 2008 MLB draft and has spent six years bouncing around among the Brewers' and Nationals' minor league affiliates.

    So even if Cutter never advances beyond Single-A Potomac—where he currently resides—he has his baby mama to fall back on. 

Hank Baskett

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    Kendra Wilkinson must have really liked Hank Baskett a lot if she was willing to give up her role as one of Hef's girlfriends in order to marry him. 

    Though the former Girls Next Door star met Baskett while she was still living in the Playboy Mansion, there was nothing that was going to stop her from tying the knot with the former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver. Especially after she got pregnant. 

    Hugh Hefner willingly set Kendra free and even let her get married at the mansion, which was probably pretty exciting for Baskett. What is not exciting for him is the fact that he is no longer signed to an NFL team and hasn't been since 2010. 

    But that's where Wilkinson comes in. She's no longer on Girls Next Door, but she was so popular and personable that her stint on that show led to her very own reality show, Kendra. She has also appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap, Dancing with the Stars and WWE Raw. She has also filmed her own workout videos and even penned a book. 

    Clearly, Kendra has plenty of projects to keep her family afloat, even if Baskett does not. 

AJ McCarron

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    AJ McCarron may have just led Alabama to its second straight national championship, but somehow, he still lost his thunder to his girlfriend—with a little help from Brent Musburger

    Miss Alabama 2012 Katherine Webb had the Twitterverse in a tizzy during this year's national championship game—and in fairness to AJ, it was mostly because watching his troops slaughter Notre Dame got boring after, like, three minutes. 

    Still, a few seconds on national TV was all Webb needed to gain thousands of Twitter followers and nationwide fame. For now, she can support her man with the income she earns as a contestant on the terrible TV show Splash and her various modeling exploits.

    Next year, when McCarron gets drafted, he can return the favor. 

Tom Brady

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    How can you be the most famous quarterback on the planet (well, aside from this guy) and still make less than your wife?

    Easy. You marry the highest-paid and most famous supermodel in the world. 

    Everyone knows Gisele Bundchen. The Brazilian beauty has built an empire worth an estimated $45 million per year. In 2011, USA Today declared that she makes more than double Brady's salary in a given year, and Brady's was $18 million at that point (though in Brady's defense, he's been known to take pay cuts so the Patriots have the flexibility to build a quality team around him. I wonder why!). 

    Whether it's modeling in magazines, modeling on the runway, endorsements or acting, Gisele is never hard up for a job opportunity. And it's safe to say that when she and Tom both find that their glory days are behind them and are forced into retirement, they will be just fine.