Debate: Grade the Tim Tebow Pickup for New England

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Debate: Grade the Tim Tebow Pickup for New England
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The Patriots made a shrewd move in signing Tim Tebow to a 2-year deal with no guarantees. With Ryan Mallett as the only other QB on the roster, how would you grade the pickup for New England?


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Great pick up, his versatility with spread offense / shot gun and having him third on the depth chat at QB allows him to run the practice squad to pre...
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N/A. If it wasn't for the fact his name is Tim Tebow he'd be another 3rd string QB, and quite honestly how often do we grade 3rd string offseason pick...
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B+ As he might be a cheaper replacement for Mallet. League min for 2 years with 0 Guarenteed money is good for the books. Plus this completely remi...
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That's assuming he will only play quarterback. Tebow is a good athlete and it might be interesting seeing bellicheck try tebow in a variety if positio...
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