The B/R Writer Rankings Have Torn Bleacher Report Apart

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IMay 3, 2009

Dear Bleacher Report Community,

A few months ago, I wrote an article writing on how fed up I was with the current rankings system. The article went on to say how I wanted reform and change to the system, as it is flawed.

There has recently been an article written by Gilligan Henry Dopefield that called for reform in the ranking system. The responses either supported Gilligan’s call or firmly rejected it.

Then, another brilliant article was written by Leroy Watson that declared there was nothing wrong with the B/R Ranking system.

My comment on this article hailed his writing and commended his eloquence. While I respectfully disagreed with his opinion, I did not attack him.

This article is written for neither article, nor to argue. Hell, we are here to have our voices heard.

Many of the responses “anti-ranking system(ists?)” get are that they are simply jealous and are angry that they do not have high rankings.

I am here to tell you it is not that at all.

What annoys me about the ranking system is what it does to writers. In all fairness, the ranking system gives people goals in the site…but like most things in life, people let it go to their heads.

Top writers have allowed their POTD’s and top-50 ranking get to their head and they flaunt their achievements like a war hero dons his medals.

Only difference is they have not gained them honorably, they have gained it by putting their own selfish ambitions ahead of everyone else.

I laugh at anyone who believes a POTD count means anything, because all you had to do was leave it on a few boards.

I fall on the floor in utter amusement when someone claims to be superior simply because they are ranked higher.

But, I digress…

The reason I am writing this article is to announce the call to abolish the writer ranking system on the pages of Bleacher Report, or to merely privatize it and not make it accessible to everyone.

On the B/R rules page that explains the rankings:

“Aims to distinguish the best of the best, by recognizing Top Writers who...Those who do make it to the higher levels of the Top Writer Rankings are rewarded with more visibility on the network, and greater odds of their work reaching the Front Page.”

A pretty simple and logical reason. However, if that is the purpose of the rankings, why does it need to be public? Why does Joe Schmoe need to know his ranking if he is truly a good writer?

This is a call for real action and real change in the system.

I kindly invite the arrogant Top Writers whose egos have grown so enormous they have actually forgotten why they joined Bleacher Report….

From that little Facebook link that asked you to write an editorial on your favorite team.

It seems whenever treasure, no matter what form, is involved, people lose sight of what is really important.

-David Arreola